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Comparing methods of two different scientist.

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Ceceila Nolan

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Comparing methods of two different scientist.

Comparing methods of two different scientist.
Redi vs Pasteur.
Summary of Redi's experiment.
Franseco's experiment consisted of where maggots came from. He believed that they did not just come from rotting meat and that flies landed on them laying their eggs. He decided that he was going to experiment and have some jars of raw meat that was covered, and some jars of meat that were left uncovered. Along with some more jars that were left uncovered but with gauze over most of the meat, that way air could still hit the raw meat.
Pictures of Redi's Experiment
Redi's conclusion.
Redi had concluded that raw meat does not produce maggots. And that it were flies that had landed on the raw meat in the opened jar. There was no way for the flies to lay their eggs in the non-opened jars and the jars with gauze over them. This experiment relates to spontaneous generation because it was to be believed that raw meat produced maggots. But in reality it was really flies who have landed on the raw meat laying their eggs.
Summary of Pasteur's Expriment.
Pasteur's experiment consisted of him testing whether or not bacteria grew spontaneously or from dust particles. He knew that bacteria grew in opened containers of meat broth. But he also knew that if the broth was boiled for an hour or so in a concealed container that no bacteria will grow. But with his experiment he wanted to test whether microbes grew from pre-existing microbes or spontaneous generation.
Pictures of pasteur's expriment.
Pasteur's Conclusion
Pasteur's conclusion was that microorganisms only from other microorganisms. And that as long as a solutions is really sterile it remains lifeless unless otherwise contaminated by living "creatures". And many years after his experiment, it remained lifeless.
The Scientific Method.
1: Make observations.
2: Ask a question
3: Form a hypothesis.
4: Test the hypothesis.
5: Analyze the results.
6: Draw conclusions.
7: Communicate the results.
How both Scientist used the Scientific Method.
Both scientist use the Scientific Method by first observing and or getting the research and information already needed. Both had formed a hypothesis of how a) maggots came about or b) how bacteria came into play. They both than performed their experiments. (Meat in a container and meat broth in a science vile) They both than analyzed their result and came to a conclusion. And lastly communicated their results.
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