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A Green Solution to a Fishy Problem

Ben Albert

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Aquaponics

The Problem
How do we get the fish we eat ?
Fish for only one fish
Fish Population
The Demand
People have a desire to eat fish
The Supply
Commercial Fishing
Excess Fuel
Wasted Fish
Population decrease
Destructive Process!
A green solution to a fishy problem
The Solution
Aquaponics Systems
What Is Aquaponics?
Aquaponics is the a system that combines aquaculture (fish farming)...
With hydroponics in a symbiotic relationship to produce both fish and plants
How can this help with our problems?
Excess Fuel
Wasted Fish
Decreasing Population
Problems being faced
4,300 miles
To go to This
<100 miles
Aquaponics wasted fish
Commercial Fish Wasted
Commercial Fishing
Aquaponics Systems Causes
Why not just Aquaculture?
Reasons why Aquaponics is better than Aquaculture
More Economical and Enviromentally Feasable
Produces both plants and fish which create a larger source of revenue
Plants and vegetables help break down ammonia and nitrates instead of using an expensive filter
Pros of Aquaponics over Aquaculture
Can be maintained in areas with low water supply unlike aquaculture
Can this become reality?
Plants break down the ammonia and nitrates for the fish
Fish waste can be used as nutrients for the plants
How much would this costs?
Costs of Materials
Costs of Utilities
Costs of Labor
Costs of Land
All of these factor into creating an aquaponics system
The cost of labor can be about 70% of the annual cost
The larget utility that an aquaponics owner faces is the cost to heat the water
The costs of materials and land depend on how large someone wants to make the aquaponics system
What is the Process?
Where could this make the most impact?
Fish From Alaska
High Cost to Import
Not Fresh Fish
Fish Caught
Specific Fish
Other Fish
Rate of harvest > Rate of reproduction
Problems with water supply and filtration
Problems with sterilization, cost of chemicals to provide nutrients
Takes the benefits from both hydroponics and aquaculture without there problems
Has this already been done?
Aquaponics systems have been created in many different places from Canada to the Virgin Islands to even Texas
Where is there a need for jobs?
Where is there a high demand in quality fish?
Urban Environments
aquaponics can supply jobs to thought leaders and manual labor
aquaponics can meet the demand of quality fish
aquaponics can provide agricultural space
Is it sustainable?
Demand of Fish and Plants
Increase in Demand
Large Source of Revenue
Low Annual Cost
Cost of Utilities
Water Heating
Pumping Water
Costs of Refridgeration
Cost of Electricity
Costs of Water
Costs of Fish and Plants
Costs of Feed
Cost of Lights
Costs of Seeds
Costs of Fingerlings
Costs of Labor
Costs of Maintenance
Costs of Managing
Fish Population
Fish Population
Aquaponics Population
Wrapping Up
The Problem
The Solution
The way that we get our fish today is extremely inefficient and harmful to the enviroment
Using aquaponics as a means of producing fish
Aquaponics is a dynamic solution that can create jobs, meet the demand of quality fish, and provide agricultural space, especially in urban enviroments
In Urban Environments
Where is there a lack of available agricultural space?
What are the important elements in designing an aquaponics system?
Ph levels are very important to both the plants and the fish therefore the water needs to be monitored and maintained
6 - 8
A basic standard for water pH
6.5 - 7.1
Water movement is also very important because stagnant water becomes toxic to life
A Basic standard for water movement
Vollume of the fish tank should be moved every hour
"We have lived by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world . We have been wrong. We must change our lives, so that it wil be possible to live the contrary that what is good for the world will be good for us."

-Paul Hauken, Amory Lovins, L.Hunter Lovins

More carbon dioxide is emitted by shipping fish from Alaska by truck than by shipping from China by boat.
300 million pounds of edible
fish are caught and discarded overboard, dead, every year.
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