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No description

Kamal Sahni

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of MEAT

Main Idea *Explaining the meat industry
*Discovery of the McNugget
*Exposing the secrets of slaughter houses
*Explaining how the animals are killed By: Jenna, Kamal, Marisa, & Nathan Meat Beef trust company control in 1917 1970 Control of Meatpacking Companies 55% control of market by large companies 45% local rancher control 84% control by the large companies 16% control of ranchers "Inside the slaughter house" by Michael Pollan

slaughter of the factory animals

Cruelty and inhumane ways to dispose of them Graphic Chart The Delicious Chicken McNuggets *Informative tone
*Persuasive verbal abuse “When a researcher at Harvard Medical School preformed a chemical analysis of McNuggets, he discovered they contained many of the same unhealthy fats as beef… How? The McNuggets were being cooked in beef fat like the French fries.” Author Opinion and Tone Q: Should people working in slaughter houses change the way it works? Question and Answer Factory Farmhouse Q: Should the cooking at fast food restaurants be monitored? I think that it is showing how cruel they are to their chickens by cutting their throat, and boiling them and sometimes they throw them, on the walls and kick them if the chicken is not knocked out. "The chain dunks the chicken into tank of boiling water, called the Scald Tank it helps remove feathers" forever alone Q: Do you believe that the fast food industry is taking over our lives? Interesting Excerpt Article Reference Prepare to be disgusted
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