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Kudler Fine Foods Customer Rewards Program

No description

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Kudler Fine Foods Customer Rewards Program

Cost Benefit Analysis
Kudler Fine Foods Customer Rewards Program
Kudler Business Overview
Project Scope
Description of New
Business System
Business Objectives
System Security Requirements
• Customer information will be secure
Web portal will use SSL encryption
Web site will maintain a valid SSL certificate
Web portal will require complex passwords
Access to any customer data will be based on RBAC and LP
Access to customer data will logged and tracked
Customer data will stored in a data store separate from Kudler data
All data transfers between Kudler and RP Vendor will be encrypted at AES 256 and take place over a secure VPN connection
Kudler Fine Foods Costumer Rewards Program

Dennis Fair,
Jay Sell,
Virginia Zimmerman,
Freddy Madrill


Febuary 04, 2014

Blair Ohler
Service Request SR-kf-013
Current Process and System.
Project Constraints
Process Model

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Business Functional Requirements
Establish a frequent shopper program as a means to increase company revenue.

Refine company processes and offerings to best satisfy customer needs by tracking purchase behavior at the individual customer level.
Successful deployment of this project will result in the following:

Detailed understanding of customer buying patterns
Improved marketing and purchasing decisions
Improved customer satisfaction
Increased revenues.

Functional Models
Preliminary Design
Hardware Design
Software Design

Network Design
Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store serving the San Diego metropolitan area. They have stores in LaJolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas that share a mission to assure that Kudler Fine Foods is the first choice for customers seeking the finest domestic and imported culinary delights.
Cost, schedule and quality are constant constraints for every project

No timeline defined; 6 months is scheduled

No cost constraints identified; other projects run $22-35K in FY04

No specific quality measures defined, but would need to be customer friendly

System will interface with existing information system

Track/store individual customer purchasing activity

Assign/track reward points based on each customer’s product purchases

Display points received for current purchase and total points on the receipt

Provide individual customer sales data for the marketing team

Provide a web portal to enable the customer to create/modify their profile, view, and redeem points

Send text and/or e-mail alerts to customers

Increase customer satisfaction (tracking purchase behavior at the individual customer level to ensure the availability of product)

An information system will be constructed to:

Collect and store customer purchasing activity

Support computer display and reporting of
sales information, trending and aggregate data

Show trends to assist marketing/purchasing personnel in determining future product offerings

Inteface with POS, inventory and other system at Kudler
Kudler Fine Foods’ goal is to increase revenue by 4.75% within one year

The net sales for 2003 was $10,804,000, expected revenue lift of $513,190

Rewards costs estimated at $107,962, for a net increase of $463,806
In implementing this rewards program with this impeccable system design, Kudler Fine Foods and its valued customers will benefit and set many new industry trends in many ways such as:

Refined marketing processes

Improved customer satisfaction

Customer Incentives

Customer Loyalty

Purchasing precision improved

Increased revenue

Application Architecture
Current Business Process
Entity Relationship Model
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