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Macaroni Penguin

No description

Cooper Bowen

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Macaroni Penguin

The Macaroni Penguin Population There is a minimum of 12
million Macaroni Penguins worldwide. Appearance It has a bright yellow head and the face
and the other top parts of its body is
black and the belly is white. Size and Weight The female and male Macaroni Penguins
are very similar looking but the males
are larger. Adults weigh an average
of 5.5kg and are 70cm in length. Predators Birds and aquatic mammals hunt the Macaroni Penguins.
The leopard seal and fur seal sometimes hunt Macaroni
Penguins in the water. Skua birds prey on Macaroni Penguins
eggs, and sometimes take chicks. Breeding The female penguins can begin breeding at around
5 years old. The males don't normally start to breed
until they are at least 6 years old. The adults usually
start to breed in late October and lay their eggs in early
November. When the egg hatch, the male has to protect it for
at least 23 to 25 days. Only a few feathers have grown so
the adult has to keep the baby warm. Habitat Macaroni Penguins live in rocky, water areas and on rocks and cliffs above the Antarctic oceans. Diet The Macaroni Penguin normally eat fish, squid and
Antarctic Krill. The adults usually leave at dusk
to get some food for the babies. They usually come
back at dawn to feed the babies. What I have learnt I have learnt that there are 11,841,600
Macaroni Penguins worldwide. I have also
learnt that the females breed before the
Males and that they have to take good
care of the babies. Thankyou for reading my report on the
Macaroni Penguin What is a Macaroni Penguin?
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