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Israel Women Suing a Weather Man

No description

tatum mahon

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Israel Women Suing a Weather Man

Israel Women Suing a Weather Man
Amendment Discussion
People Involved
Danny Rup, the weatherman, is a very famous and well known weatherman.
Channel 2 News is the channel the woman was watching when the incident happened.
This woman lived in Haifa, Israel, and believed TV weather reports were legally binding.
Women Sues Weather Man for a Wrong Weather Prediction
An Israel woman decided to sue a
weatherman because he said that
it was going to be sunny and it
was stormy.
Her claim was that the weather man was wrong when he said it would be sunny but ended up being stormy. This caused her to dress light which made her sick. After the bad weather call she ended up spending $38 on medicine for the flu. This claim was documented March 17, 1996.
The conclusion of this law suit is that the lady got $1000 and an apology from Danny Rup for his wrong weather report.
Facts about the Claim
She wants $1,000 for a bad weather call and an apology from weatherman, Danny Rup. Her claim stated that she decided to dress lightly, which caused her to get the flu, and had to spend $38 on medication, and missed 4 days of work. This resulted in stress. Danny Rup thought that the lawsuit was unnecessary and he claimed that people make mistakes. He also stated that she cant blame him because she shouldn't fully rely on him for his mistake. This case did not go to court.
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