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Sarah, Plain and Tall

Sarah, Plain and Tall is the best book ever.

Kathy Wong

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Sarah, Plain and Tall

by: Patricia MacLachlan Sarah, Plain and Tall by: Patricia MacLachlan Thank You for Listening!!! Report by: Hayley Wong The Protagonist - The protagonist of the story is Sarah Wheaton, who is plain and tall. Sarah is a woman who answered the ad that Jacob had placed asking for a wife. Sarah lives in Maine and loves the sea. Sarah comes to visit Jacob's family in the Midwest to see if she will like them and like living on the prairie. Sarah is a kind, caring, and hard working woman. Protagonist and Antagonist The Setting - The setting of the story is on a prairie in the Midwest in the early 1900's. The story takes place at Jacob, Anna, and Caleb's house. The Climax - The climax of the story is when Sarah takes the wagon and goes into town. Sarah does not tell them why she wants to go into town by herself. Jacob, Anna, and Caleb are worried that she is going to get on a train and go back to Maine. Climax and Denouement Sarah , Plain and Tall Conflict and Setting The Conflict - The conflict of the story is between Sarah's life in Maine and the possibility of her new life in the Midwest. Jacob, Anna, and Caleb are hoping that Sarah will like the prairie and like living on a farm but Sarah loves the sea and misses her brother and her three aunts from Maine. The two ways of living are very different from one another. Plot The Plot - The plot of the story is about a family needing a mother and a wife. The father placed an ad in a newspaper for a wife. Sarah responded to the ad and after writing letters to Jacob, Anna, and Caleb, she decided to visit. She came to the prairie in the spring for one month. Sarah described herself as plain and tall, with a cat named Seal, and would be wearing a yellow bonnet when she got off of the train. Sarah, Jacob and the children got along well. She sang songs to them, just like their mother did. Sarah planted a garden, raised chickens, and helped out around the farm. During the one month that Sarah was on the prairie she did miss her family in Maine and the sea. Only Sarah can decide if she will stay. A Historical Fiction Newbery Award Winner The Antagonist - The antagonist of the story is the death of the children's mother. The children's mother died the day after she gave birth to Caleb and both Anna and Caleb miss having a mother. The children hope that Sarah will stay and become their new mother. The Theme - The theme of the story is family. Families are created in many different ways such as through birth, adoption, and step families. In this story the family was created through an ad in a newspaper that brought Sarah, Jacob, Anna and Caleb together and created a new family. About the Author Patricia MacLachlan Patricia MacLachlan is the author of many beloved books for young readers, including Who Loves Me?, Three Names, What You Know First, and Before You Came. She lives with her husband and two border terriers in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. Theme The Denouement - The denouement of the story is when Sarah arrived back from town that night and presented Anna and Caleb with gifts. The children received green, blue, and gray colored pencils which represent Sarah's favorite colors of the sea. When the children and Jacob saw the pencils they knew that Sarah had brought the sea to the prairie and that she was going to stay. Sarah said that she would always miss Maine, but that she would miss Jacob, Anna, and Caleb even more. There would be a wedding in the summer and they would become a family. Let me take you on a journey about families... Sarah, plain and tall came to the prairie.
WILL she like the new family?
WILL the new family like her? WHAT will help Sarah decide to stay?

Let the journey begin...
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