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Biodiversity in Africa

No description

Joe Mackenzie

on 14 August 2017

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Transcript of Biodiversity in Africa

Biodiversity of Africa
Central Africa
Western Africa
Central african cuisine has remained mostly tradition. Locally sourced plantains and cassavas are the basis of many meals.
A favorite is Bambara. A rice dish with peanuts and sugar.
Beef and Chicken are often eaten.
West African cuisine has remained typically traditional.
Local starchy root vegtables are the basis of many meals
A favorite is Fufu. A dish de with local root vegtables and grains(millet and sorghum).
Goat and Beef are often eaten as well as fish along the coast.
Most medicines are imported to Africa from India and China
Medicines from India and China are used to fight HIV AIDS and Malaria
Low number of pharmaceutical production factories in Africa
People want to build more research facilities but cannot due to lack of resources
Traditional medicine consists of herbalism and African spirituality (Alternative Medicine) • Traditional medicine makes false claims that it can heal cancer, cholera and asthma
• Early Clothing was made from animal hide
• Traditional clothing is influenced by Middle East cultures:
Gulf states - Jelabiya
Northwest Africans - Djellaba
Nigeria - head ties
Sahelian Africans - Daishki, Senegalese Kaftah
Shields and Swords: They are made out of Hippopotamus and Rhino hide.
Building materials: Thatch, Mud brick, Stone and woods such as Paduak and Limba
Biodiversity Value
Home to 8 of the worlds biodiversity hotspots.
Forest regions are under threat from mineral extraction and the increase in agriculture.
It is home to a quarter of the worlds mammal species and a fifth of the worlds birds.
Africa need to do more to protect each countries irreplaceable biodiversity.
Cape Floristic region
Madagascar Island
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