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Understanding Drugs

No description

Mackenzie Thomas

on 3 May 2015

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Transcript of Understanding Drugs

Understanding Drugs
By Mackenzie Thomas

What is a drug?
A drug is anything that changes how your mind or body works.
There are different kinds of drugs
People can react differently to the same drug
Drug Abuse
Misusing and Abusing Drugs
Misuse: the accidental or incorrect use of a drug
Abuse: the purposeful incorrect use of drugs
Drugs can damage your body and can risk losing your family, friends, and occupations
Drug Addiction
Drug Abuse, Tolerance, Dependence, Drug Addiction
Tolerance: when someone needs more of a drug to feel the effects of it
Withdrawal: a reaction in the body that is the result of not having the drug
Drug Addiction: the failure to stop and control the amount of the drug being used
Dependence: without the drug, has a reaction that the medicine is supposed to stop
5 Most Used Drugs by Teens
Prescription Drugs
Cocain and Heroin
Many teens do not see these drugs as harmful or serious
Medicine: a drug that is used to cure, treat, or prevent pain, disease, and illness
Can take the form of a pill, liquid, syrup, cream, or spray.
Over-the-counter (OTC) Medicines: medicines bought without a doctor's written order
Prescription Medicines: medicines that can be bought only with a written order from a doctor or other licensed professional
Illegal Drugs
Marijuana: one of the most common illegal drugs that is used; the drug is usually smoked from a rolled up piece of paper called a joint
Gateway Drug: a drug that introduces people to drug use
Inhalants: chemical products that have strong fumes or odors
Anabolic Steroids: drugs that are abused to build muscles
Stimulants: drugs that speed up your brain and heart
Depressants: drugs that slow your body down
Refuse to Abuse
Avoid somewhere where drugs may be used
Go somewhere else
Walk away
Find other ways to cope with problems
The Truth About Drugs
Result of anabolic steroids...
Drugs cause problems with everyday activities
Drugs can hurt relationships
People become addicted to drugs for many reasons
www. helpguide.org/articles/addiction/drug-abuse-and-addiction.htm
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