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No description

kristen ekrem

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Unwind

Connor finds out he is going to be unwound so he "kicks-awol" and runs away. While on the run he meets Risa a ward of the state who must be unwound to make room for other wards. Conner accidentally creates a car crash on the interstate and takes Lev a Tithe as his hostage. Together all three are on the run to try to save their lives. Exposition Lev gets separated from Connor and Risa. Connor and Risa arrive at the Graveyard a safe haven for unwinds where they cannot be unwound. The graveyard is run by The admiral an ex admiral of the army. Roland is a troublemaker at the graveyard. Lev arrives at the graveyard toughened up. When the Admiral has a heart attack Connor, Risa, Roland, and Lev take him to the hospital. Rising Action At the hospital Roland exposes the unwinds and they are taken to Happy Jack "Harvest Camp". Roland gets unwound first. Risa is forced to be in the band that plays while unwinding goes down. Lev now a Clapper plans to clap with two others but doesn't. Climax Connor and Risa return to run the graveyard. But the admiral retires. Resolution Neal Shusterman grew up in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from UC Irvine. He has won numerous awards for his books. Unwind won the 2010 South Dakota Yarp award. Shusterman has been successful as a novelist, screenwriter, and television writer. Neal Shusterman By Neal Shusterman Unwind The detonation of the claps explode Happy Jack. Connor is unwillingly given an unwind's arm and eye. Risa has the choice to take an unwind's spine but refuses becoming paralyzed. Lev is taken to a detention center. Falling Action 16 year old unwind gone AWOL
Also known as the Akron AWOL Connor skilled concert pianist
ward of the state being unwound to make more room at the orphanage Risa a willing tithe who is kidnapped by Connor on the way to being unwound Lev Malicious unwind at the graveyard who wants to overtake the admiral. Roland used to work for the military but now provides unwinds a safe place to hide from juvey cops. The Admiral Heartland War: second civil war fought over reproductive rights.

Unwinding: retroactively aborting a child between the ages of 13-18.

Tithe: a child unwound as a sacrifice to god. Tithes know they will be unwound from their birth.

Clappers: New age suicide bombers. They inject chemicals into their blood that detonate by clapping. Important Terms This novel deals with what it means to be living and connects with the real world issue of pro-life vs. pro-choice. What this novel means to me
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