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Theories of Personality- The Breakfast Club

No description

Clare Lewis

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Theories of Personality- The Breakfast Club

Theories of Personality- The Breakfast Club
Personality - an individuals characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling and acting.
Personality theory - Id- basic drives; want it and want it now. Ego - stands for reasons and good sense; balances between good and bad. Super Ego - moral sense; whats the right thing to do.
Intro to Personality
Grew up in a high class family, receiving anything and everything she wants. Dad is rich but mom came from poor family.
She is preppy, popular, and became prom queen.
Very outgoing, thoughtful of others, and smart.
Seems like she has everything going for her.
Doesn't usually get in trouble
In "The Breakfast Club", John Bender says that Claire's mother is a drunk. Even though shes doesn't act upon it she seems to get upset which means its true.
Description of Claire's Life
Description of Claire's Personality Theory
Clare Lewis
Skylar Keller

- to skip class and go shopping
- go shopping after school
Super Ego
- don't skip class and don't go shopping
Developmental Stage According to Erikson
Claire Standish
She tries to blend in and go with the crowd
She doesn't know who she really is yet
She feels pressured to act the way she does because of her friends
Unable to handle problems on her own
Reluctant to accept new challenges
cant stand up for herself in front of her friends
feels pressured
rich, pampered and spoiled
full of herself
mother is a drunk
parents didn't raise her to stick up for herself

Claire developed personality from a young age.
Growing up in a rich household with her father developed her spoiled personality.
With the absence of her mother, she felt like she needed to belong in a crowd so she wasn't alone in school and at home.
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