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The 99 names of Allah-Al-Qabid

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Mizy222 !

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of The 99 names of Allah-Al-Qabid

DEFINITION I was too.At first I thought
how can Allah be the constrictor AND the expander?Aren't those opposites?Well, I hope this presentation makes it clear! Confused??? To that, God says in the Quran: {And it is Allah that withholds or extends (your provisions for you), and unto Him you shall return.} (Al-Baqarah 2: 245) REFERENCE but the beatify],,,, name of allah, Al-Qabid is not specifically written in the Qur'an Is It Clear Now? I hope you understand now how Allah can be both and how they connect with each other.If you still don't understand feel free to ask questions!!! Al-Qabid THE TWENTIETH
BEAUTIFUL NAME OF ALLAH The One whose wisdom causes withholding, either physically or spiritually. The One whose wisdom decides when to withhold something, or make something scarce. From the root q-b-d which has the following classical Arabic connotations
-to have absolute ownership of something (hold in the hand)
-to contract, shrink, draw together, collect together
-to draw in (as a bird contracting a wing)-to withhold, make scanty, make scarce
-to contract the heart, i.e. distress, depression, lack of joy. THE ROOT A little about how
Al-Basit and Al-Qabid
connect! God is “Al-Qabid, Al-Bassit” (The Withholder, Extender), as being powerful and wise in the way that He withholds in order to extend, does harm in order to do good, decreases in order to increase. JAZAKALLAH
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