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Implementing Together For Learning

TALCO - April 30th

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Transcript of Implementing Together For Learning

Working Together
for Learning Creating a Web Presence
TEAMS A space to record in a shared way
understanding: the LC concept, shifts in thinking, the changes required in framework, delivery and facility
implementation planning: association level, board level, school level, individual t-l
advocacy: connecting to other education stakeholders

French translation
T4L web space
OTF - Library Studies
Super Conference focus
mini task force
Subject Pathfinders
T4L web space
mini task force
Minister of Ed
LNS (Literacy Sect.)
Principals (with rollout)
Directors of Education
Faculties of Education
Letters: Research Treasure Mountain Canada
June 2-3 Edmonton Evidence-Based Practice ToolKit

needs to be updated PD GOALS: OSLA: TALCO OTF-Subject Association Summer Programs
Library Studies Super Conference 2011 Calgary Learning Commons Hamilton-Wentworth T4L PD http://springfieldlibrary.wikispaces.com/
No money
A little money
A lot of money http://hwdsb-elem-tl.wikispaces.com/ http://calgarylearningcommons.pbworks.com/ Checking In http://titanpad.com/TrkkwZarkr http://togetherforlearning.wikispaces.com/ http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MP85CG9
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