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Nonprofit Public Relations

No description

Kenzie Lau-Kee

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Nonprofit Public Relations

Historical Development
Crucial part of nonprofits
Civil War was one of earliest examples
Publicity Bureau: First PR firm in the U.S.
Russell Sage Foundation
1930s: PR became widely used in nonprofits
Varying techniques used throughout history
New technologies were developed
Lower income
Lack of resources
Raising money, recruiting volunteers, funding projects
Frustrating work environment
Lack of "hard news" to feed reporters
Public mistrust
Apparent lack of professionalism, financial instability, theory of desertion
Struggle to obtain media coverage
Gain experience in short amount of time
Learn how to work with limited funds and volunteers
Receive better social welfare
Sector is extremely versatile
Easily adaptable to different PR functions and activities
Nonprofit PR

Two million groups
Employing over 6.5 million people
Do not distribute funds in excess of their expenses
Serve public interest
Foster good will and social responsibility
Tax exempt
Include hospitals, historical societies, health agencies, etc.
Identify target market
Setting goals
Creating PR plan
Preparing events
Clear message
Special Skills
& Training
Lowest average salary of PR specializations
Cannot sell goods or services
May not distribute money to shareholders or owners
Average $70,000
Agency average: $81,500
Corporate average: $113,000
To attract employees...
Remain competitive in salary
Good benefits package
Upward mobility
Could You See Yourself in Nonprofit PR?
Do you have an issue that you are really passionate about?
Do you want a versatile work environment?
Work alongside media and public
Fund raising
Plan and organize community outreach events
Risk management skills
Writing and public speaking
Fund raising
Reporting source of money
Not in business to make money
Promote a cause, instead of good or service
We find a lot of people who want their career to matter. They want friends and family to be proud. It does not mean we can pay them peanuts.

- Emily Callahan, CMO for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, public relations, marketing, or other relevant fields
Two to five years of experience for entry level positions
Median of ten years of experience in field
Interest in the organization
Internships in public relations provide students with hands-on experience and are considered one of the best avenues to finding entry-level employment.

- U.S. News
Prospects for the Future
Different way of funding
Look towards social enterprise
More reliance on social media
More college graduates entering nonprofit sector
38% of companies looking to hire additional agency support
Compared to 14% in 2012
Case Study:
Team Up for Autism
Samsung Hope for Children paired up with the Dan Marino Foundation
Social action campaign to raise awareness and money for medical research and treatment programs for kids with autism
Samsung pledged to donate $5 with every #teamautism hashtag or share on Facebook
Goal to reach $100,000 in one month
Achieved in 3 days
In the past 12 months, fewer PR pros felt their job was under threat to economic conditions. Fewer still said they would be willing to accept a salary freeze or pay cut to ensure job security.
- PR Week
Unlike advertisements and direct mail pieces created by nonprofits, media coverage generated by public relations often carries added clout because it can be perceived as an independent endorsement instead of self-promotion.
- Phil Hall, British PR Consultant and Former Newspaper Editor
No matter how noble the mission, if an organization is not telling its story consistently and strategically, it will fall on deaf ears.
- Sean Wood, partner at RLM Finsbury
Nonprofit Public Relations
How They Did It...
1. Focused on campaigning before it was launched
2. Used Dan Marino and his fan base as a means of reaching the public and gaining their support
Tweets from Dan Marino himself were more encouraging than general account
3. Social media as basis of campaign
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