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Workforce Planning and Analytics

No description

Kamal Ahmed

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Workforce Planning and Analytics

Workforce Planning is the business process for ensuring that an organization has access to talent to ensure
future business success. WORKFORCE PLANNING WHAT IS Workforce Planning and Analytics ? WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF STRONG OR EVOLVED WORKFORCE PLANNING PROCESSES ? Well established & Credible business process Regularly reviewed and Adapted CHARACTERISTICS OF STRONG OR EVOLVED WORKFORCE PLANNING PROCESSES Embraced & Supported by senior leadership It is aligned with our Business Strategy WHO IS MAKING WORKFORCE PLANNING WORK WITHIN ORGANIZATIONS ? Human Resources & HR Representatives are primarily leading this effort. Corporate Management 1 2 3 WHAT IS THE SHIFT IN HOW CHAMPIONS GATHER AND USE DATA ? Using Multiple Sources of Data Relying on both Qualitative and Quantitative Data to Forecast Forecasting labor demand is the most difficult AND the most important 69% are using data at the enterprise level. Another 23% are moving in this direction. CHAMPIONS USING THE DATA WHAT DATA IS BEING USED THE MOST TO INFORM THE DESIGN OF THE CHAMPION'S TALENT STRATEGIES ? THE DESIGN OF THE CHAMPION'S TALENT STRATEGIES WHAT ARE THE NEXT ALL-STARS PLANNING TO ACCOMPLISH ? WORKFORCE PLANNING PROCESS THAT INCLUDE STAKEHOLDER INVOLVEMENT, INTEGRATION AND TRANSPARENCY OF DATA Why is this shift happening? The need to Inform Business Strategy Operational Business Lines 2013 Champion TRADITIONAL METRICS ARE BEING USED THE MOST Assessment of our employee turnover data Results from our engagement or other employee surveys Results from annual performance reviews, including 360 degree assessment Review of overall workforce data from our company HR Dashboard Results from interviews with leadership 360 Results from application of predictive modeling of Business outcomes (e.g., profitability, productivity, customer value, etc.) Results from application of predictive modeling of Workforce outcomes (e.g., turnover, promotion, performance, etc.) NEXT FOCUS OF METRICS (LOOKING EXTERNALLY AND PLANNING) Review of benchmark data on HR practices (High performing Company benchmarks) Review of best practices indicators Enable managers to do the work (self-sufficient with fingertip, ready-now data that is automated) Involve both HR & Business (Strategic Partnerships) Would like to have 60 percent of workforce planned for Fully integrating process into business planning cycle/ corporate planning
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