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No description

Brie Anzideo

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Hyperbole

Main Idea
* an overstatement or exaggeration for effect of humor

1. You snore louder than a freight train.
2. I will love you till the seas run dry.
3. I have reminded you a million times to keep away
from bad friends.

- Watch and Enjoy!
-Click the link:
- Once you click it escape the Prezi and play the game
Create Your Own:

- Create a hyperbole sentence and put it on a piece of paper.
Paper In Sleeve:

-Complete the worksheet that is in a sheet protector, at this station.
- Answers on board.
Extra Time:

- If you have extra time at this station, look around the room and find a source that will give you an example of a hyperbole.
* used by poets to say something different from the usual way
* use of words that go beyond their ordinary meaning
* requires imagination to figure out the author’s meaning
can heighten senses.
- resemblance or relationship
- emphasis or understatement
- figures of sound
- verbal games
- error
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