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pros and cons of Cell Phones in school

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Cameron DeCristofaro

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of pros and cons of Cell Phones in school

Smartphones in School
Smartphones in school have become a growing idea and many schools have allowed them. Smartphones can be used both as a productive study tool and a distraction. This Presentation will explain this from two different views
Pros of having
Smartphones in schools
Smartphones internet capabilities allow students to access apps and websites used by teachers.
Smartphones play music which can boost the productivity of some students during classwork etc.
Smartphones have calculators which can lower the amount of calculators schools need to buy for their students, teachers etc.
Smartphones have messaging capabilities that allow students to ask about homework and work in groups while being far away.
The camera found in most phones allow for students taking pictures of their assignments which is quicker and can get students out the door faster to get to their next class.
Cons of Having Smartphones in School
Smartphones can be a distraction from class, whether it is the teacher talking, or a worksheet being worked on.
Students can talk amongst themselves via text which can distract students.
Students can also resort to cheating using their smartphones.
Students can take pictures of others and put them on social media which can result in cyberbullying.
Students also steal each others phones during the school day, which can cost the victim a large sum of money.
Cell phones can be great tools to help students be more productive and can help students to get better study help with their online capabilities. They can be a safe and easy way to communicate with a teacher through their websites.
Smartphones can also distract students from their work and could reduce productivity due to the temptation of taking out the smartphone during class which will often result in the confiscation of the phone
Origination of the smartphone
January 2007: Apple unveils the iPhone, which completely rethinks the cell phone
November 2007: The Android operating system is released as a public beta by Google.
November 2008: The first Android phone, the G1, is released by T-Mobile. Running android and having limited touchscreen usability, and a slide out keyboard, seen in past cell phones.
February 2010: Android cell phones begin to come with full toucscreen capability like that of the iphone

2010: in the last three months of 2010 smartphones outsold PCs by over 7m units
April 2011: Apple officially becomes the biggest smartphone vendor based on both profit and units.
pros and cons of smartPhones in school
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