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In Defense of One Direction

No description

James Hales

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of In Defense of One Direction

"In Defense of One Direction" Meet The Band! Origins Put together as a group,
and made it to the finals,
finishing 3rd. Def Leppard's Hysteria album
Phil Spector's Wall of Sound Zayn Malik Niall Horan Liam Payne Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles Main Criticisms - They don't write
their own music. - Their music is
over-produced. - They are
superficial. - Their music is
"bad". Sales Songwriting Over-Produced? Image Music Band or Brand? Cultural Expectations Fanbase -Up All Night went straight to number one on the US Billboard 200.

-"What Makes You Beautiful," 4 million copies sold in US.

-In 2012, 1D had both their albums in Top 5 in terms of sales in US. First group to do so. Auditioned for X Factor
as solo artists 2012: 2nd Album "Take Me Home" Released 2010: Signed to Syco Records 2011: Debut Album "Up All Night" Released - What Makes You Beautiful - Live While We're Young What Happened Next... VS A clash of style... The Undertones -
"Teenage Kicks" Exposure - Band has been credited for
reviving boy band image.
- Success of band attributed
largely to social media.
- Instructed in etiquette like
Motown artists.
- Niall is "the cute one", Harry is "the charming one", Zayn is "the quiet and mysterious one", Louis is "the funny one, and Liam is "the sensible one" (from left to right). "Directioners" Twitter followers: 11,187,868 -Made finals in Simon Cowell's X-Factor in Dec. 2010, viewed by an estimated 17.7 million
-Up All Night and Take Me Home Tours
-Performed on Today Show, BRIT awards, etc.
-Movie on 1D to be released in August vs "Directionators" 14,637,064
Facebook likes Co-writing:
Up All Night
Everything About You
Same Mistakes
Take Me Home
Last First Kiss
Back for You
Summer Love
Compared to big name stars...
Frank Sinatra
Motown artists One Direction playing music with a heavy back beat commonly considered "over-produced".
Pop music Pop Music - very demanding
Consumer, consumer, consumer! VS Future? One Direction : This Is Us Released August 30th, 2013 Working with Julian Bunetta
on highly anticipated third
Studio Album... Blondie -
"One Way Or Another Many aspects to being "over-produced" The Defendants CJ Eilers Melissa
Anstey James Hitchings
Hales Favourite Band:
The Beatles Favourite Band: The Rolling Stones Favourite Band:
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