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One Nation, One Language: Teachers' Perspectives on Successful Education for Immigrant Students

Research Project

Katherine Stitham

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of One Nation, One Language: Teachers' Perspectives on Successful Education for Immigrant Students

Double cli There are 11 schools
operating under the
International Schools
Model in New York
City. The school we studied caters
to an entirely immigrant
population all of whom speak
a language other than
English and arrived in the
US less than 4 years ago. This school is ranked highly by the
NY Dept. of Ed and has often been labeled
a "success story" for immigrant education. Semi-structured interviews
provided the bulk of the research. However, we also conducted
follow-up surveys, observations,
and a data and policy analysis
of the school and its context. The teachers were from
different subjects, and
represented grades 9-12 The school's mission ties the
American Dream to the
aquisition of English. Though
strategies are different from
mainstream schooling, this
ideal reinforces the current
US language policy and
public atmosphere. We were interested in how
this may impact teacher's
understanding of success for
their immigrant students and
how they approached teaching. Research done by: Katherine Stitham, Catherine Henny, Lorianne Salazar,
Astrid Teniere, Soo Park, and Patricia Gibson Monoglossic framework Transitional Bilingual Model resulting in
Subtractive Bilingual Education Language Panic English-only
Education No Child
Behind War on Terror Heterogeneous Ability Classrooms Selective Segregation
of population First language to "assist"
in learning English Multicultural,
Multilingual use of first language acts as "crutch" English only pathway to success Language as a
PROBLEM content based ESL
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