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one direction

No description

Kelly Draeger

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of one direction

One Direction
The X Factor first started in the United Kingdom and then made a version in the us. The five boys Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn,and Louis auditioned in there home towns. When they ran into trouble in boot camp, they had an idea of becoming a band. When playing on X Factor, that's what made them become a famous boy band world-wide.
Chapter 1:Zayn Malik
Zayn's favorite book is Harry Potter. Zayn has a soft spot for intelligent girls. Zayn can't swim. Zayn's favorite band of all time is Nsync. Zayn's X Factor audition wasn't broadcast on the main show. When he had progressed further it was retrospectively Shown on Spinoff the extra factor.
Chapter 3:Niall Horan
Niall's ideal women is cheryl cole and his man crush is michael Buble. Niall's favorite movie of all time is grease.Niall is left handed. Niall was brought up in mullinger in ireland.Niall's favorite color is blue.
Liam once cried while watching marley and me bless.Liam has a unsual phobia -spoons?He admits it's very strange and would like to invent anti-spoons app for mobile phones.Liam only has one kidney after getting one removed as a kid.
Conclusion: Why I Picked 1d
I picked 1d because they sing very good. my favorite person is Zayn and Niall.Because Zayn has his ears pears and Niall has braces.I never been at there concert but i want to go to there concert.
Chapter 5:Harry Styles
Harry impressed two out of the three judges in X - Factor during the first round with a version of stevie wonders' "Isn't She Lovely." Louis walsh had doubts, but once progressed Harry sang stop crying your heart out at boot camp.
Chapter 4 Louis Tonlinson
Louis auditioned with plain white T's hey there delilah and got a clean sweep of yes's from the judges.

Chapter 2:Liam Payne
This is a picture of zayn malik.
This is a picture of Niall Horan
This is a picture of the boys.
This is a picture of Louis Payne
This is a picture of Harry styles.
By:McKenzie Duarte
Introduction Slide 3
Chapter 1:Zayn malik Slide 4
Chapter2:Liam Payne Slide 5
Chapter3: Niall Horan Slide 6
Chapter4: Louis Tonlinson Slide 7
Chapter5:Harry Styles Slide 8
Conclusion Slide 9
Glossary Slide 10
The X Factor-is a Television music competition franchise created by Simon Cowell.
Auditioned-an audition is a sample musician dancer or other performer.
Nsync-Nsync is a boy band.
Broadcast-transmit [a program or some information] by radio or television.
Grease-its a Famous movie.
United Kingdom-country includes great Britain Ireland many other islands.
This is a Billboard chart showing One Direction is at number 1.
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