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Why You Should Become an IBO with EFoods.

An over view of this very exciting opportunity

Laura Ira

on 3 August 2011

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Transcript of Why You Should Become an IBO with EFoods.

E Foods Global IBO A great Opportunity This is what North America is supposed to look like soon... FREE FOOD Global Catastrophy Floods Earthquakes Food Shortages Serve Save Share We Know that one day we will face hardship Http://Jlservices.myefoods.com Hi! I am Laura Ira Personal Grocer Less land to cultivate Prices will rise for everything we need..... We have home insurance We have car insurance Have you heard of Food Insurance? Our Elite Pack Pantry $.88 a Serving Safe, Chemical Free Foods Hedge Against inflation Real Food Nutrient Dence Meals By offering free food to your friends and Family! You earn $3.00 in Free Food!!!! These are just some of the foods we offer We offer 12 Servings for Free to everyone If they like the product they will reorder and you get the credit! Delicious and wholesome Good today..... as a quick delicious meal at the end of a hard day! Great in 2026! "How much will a bowl of vegtable beef soup go for in 2015? Tell a lot of people ... Independant Business opporators are paid weekly Got a lot of people you can tell? You could be making a commission today. we are paid weekly.... I work from home! They ship directly from the factory. I am here to help you and Efoods Global is here to help you realize financial security and food insurance to see you through the hard economical challenges ahead They are why I do it! Mom her too.. these guys.. these guys Become an IBO! Serve! Save! Share! http://www.jlservices.myefoods.com It is simple: Invite others to take the Freedom Tour at http://Jlservices.myefoods.com
The food is free..12 Servings to try on the company. <a href="http://stlouis.backpage.com/buyselltrade/Category?key=Free&id=93478123" target="_blank">Free Emergency Food Supplies 25 Year Shelf Life</a>
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