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Chinese Cuisine Project

No description

Raechel Schroeder

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Cuisine Project

Chinese Cuisine Project
Raechel Schroeder
Xinjiang is located in Northwestern China. Xinjiang makes up more than one-sixth of China's Territory. It spans over 1.6 million km. . It's borders are Russia, Afghanistan,Pakistan, India,Mongolia, and a few more places. There are many famous geographic features like the Silk Road, the Kumtag Desert, Koktokay Forest,Grape Valley, and Flaming Mountain.
Burial Grounds with their beliefs are a big part of XinJiangs culture for it relates to the Islam Religion therefore there are lots of ancient grave sites all thrpugh Xinjiang. There are many performing art traditions and many people sing and dance old anicent songs.
Signature ingredients are roasted mutton, kebabs, roasted fish and rice. Because most of the population is muslim they eat lots of halal. Which is any food that follows Islamic laws. Many people eat with chopsticks. One famous dish is Pilaf which is rice with cooked onion and spices.
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