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Chef Tomkinson Culinary Period 6 Michael Elberfeld

Michael Elberfeld

on 26 September 2012

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Conduct a hazard analysis 3 types of hazards: Physical Chemical Biological CCP: A point where a specific action can be taken to prevent or eliminate a hazard. What are hazards? Biological Physical Chemical Eliminating hazards Haccp F.A.T.T.O.M. 6 Conditions that pathogens need to survive. Food Time Oxygen Moisture Chefs use Infra red thermometers for external temperature measurements Chefs use bimetallic thermometers for external temperature measurements Foodborne Illness: Sickness given to you from food Outbreak: Foodborne Illness affecting multiple people. TCS FOODS Time and Temperature is controlled for Safety Temperature Danger Zone 70-120F RED ZONE 2 HOUR Critical Limit 41-135F TCS foods PH Scale PH Range 0-14 4 hour rule TDZ 41-135 Temperature 70-120 Bacteria 2x ~20mins Most bacteria are aerobic, they need oxygen. The measure of moisture in a product: Water activity Measured in decimals Bacteria Bacillus Cereus Bacteria Control FDA CDC Foods held above or below TDZ Campylobacteriosis 165 degrees internal Listeriosis Hemorrhagic Colitis Ground Meats 155F Botulism WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!!!!! Salmonellosis Time and Temperature Control + Cross Contamination Shigellosis Staph Ready to Eat Foods Ready to eat foods Vibrio Ready to Eat Foods- Foods that require no further preparation. Cook oysters Thoroughly Viruses Nora virus Hepatitus A Best defense is good personal hygiene
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