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History of Advertising

No description

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of History of Advertising

History of Advertising
1905: First celebrity endorsement occurs when a famous silent movie actor promoted cigarettes.
1906: W.K. Kellogg places first ads for corn flakes in six midwestern newspapers. Congress passes the Pure Food & Drug Act.
1911: The first "sex sells" slogan is used by Woodbury Soap - "The skin you love to touch."
1914: The Federal Trade Commission issues first cease and desist against false advertising.
1920: Frank Conrad creates first commercial radio station in his garage.
1920: KDKA Pittsburgh becomes first radio station in the United States to broadcast the results of the 1920 presidential election
1922: AT&T's station WEAF offers 10 minutes of radio time to anyone who would pay $100. A Long Island real estate buys the first commercials in advertising history
1925: The National Better Business Bureau is organized. They review national advertising for truthfulness and accuracy.
1926: Radio Corp. of America buys AT&T radio station and renames it WNBC. It forms the first radio network with 19 stations
1929: American Tobacco Co. spends $12.3 million to advertise Lucky Strikes, the most a company has ever spent on single-product advertising
1939: Advertising is filled with World War 2 propaganda.
1941: The first official TV commercial airs before a baseball game. The company paid only $9 for a 20 second spot
1950: The first political TV ad airs for Gov. Dewey of New York.
1950s- 1980s
1950s : Contests and giveaways become popular forms of advertising. Dial Soap gives away an oil well.
1957: The longest running TV ad jingle occurs with Mr. Clean, which is still used today.
1970: The birth of the infomercial takes place, selling homes in San Diego.
1981: MTV launches advertising music artists 24/7.
1990s- 2000s
1997: The first mobile ad is launched.
2006: YouTube launches with in-video ads, participatory ads, and pre-roll ads.
2007: Facebook introduces the concept of behavior-based advertising.
Present Day: Internet is widely used for advertising through the usage of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
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