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Maddie Swanson

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of EARLY AMERICAN


-The Mayans lived in the Northern Central America
-They created the calendars, amazing temples, and developed a system of writing
- They study the stars, the sky, and they made discovers in astronomy that most people miss in everyday life
- shortly after 900ad the Mayan civilization fell apart
- Historians don't now exactly why the Maya fell apart
- Chichen Itza is the Mayan capital it has temples, and buildings
-Present day Central Mexico is where they lived
-They made herbal medicines, advanced calendars systems, used pictographs to record the history and the land
- Around 1521 the Spanish explorer, Heran Cortes arrived
- Their leader at the time was Montezoma 2 and he was a very religious leader, so when cortes came he thought he was a god
- Quickly after he enter the city Montezuma realized the Cortes wasn't a god and kicked him out of the city
-soon after Cortes and the Aztecs went to war
-But in the end dieses helps Cortes win the city and take over the Aztecs (small pox)
- Tenochtitlan is the capital of the Aztecs, it was bulit on islands, the reason for this is that a prophecy told them to build the city where they found an eagle eating a serpent and sitting and a cactus
- it has magnificent temples and amazing bulidings, it is very well protected because it has water on all side sso it would be very hard to sneak up on the Aztecs
- The Inca tribe lived on the West Coast of south America in the Andes Mountains
- They had musical instruments, quipus for recording history, roads for traveling, terraces for farming, and they were the largest and the richest early tribe the Americas have ever seen
-The Incas started to decline around the 1530s
-Francisco Pizarro arrived when the Incas were right in the middle of a civil war
-1 of the rulers that was fighting for the throne was capture Pizarro promised a safe return if he was given a room of gold and 2 rooms silver
- Incas gave that to him but the ruler was killed anyway
- In the end Pizarro had the same advantages as Cortes
- Guns, cannons, armor, horses, and DIESES
- Machu Picchu was the capital of the Incas it's in the Andes Mtns. in Peru it has many terraces and aqueducts for farming, it's very well preserved because not much weather happens up in the mtns.
- MVI lived in what is present day Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio and along the Mississippi
- Their culture contained large earth working skills (mounds) and this where they got the nickname "Mound-builders"
- The mounds were dome shaped and usually had a platform on top and they worked as houses, temples, burial buildings, or had other purposes
- They based their culture on maize (corn)
- They lived between 800 to 1500 CE
-Cahokia was the largest ever built north of Mexico before the arrival of Columbus, it contained 120 mounds, and it was located in Illinois and Missouri
-The Plains Indians lived in the Great Plains region stretching from Canada to Texas
-They lived in tepees because they were easy to set up and move
-They were nomadic hunters and they followed the buffalo herds
- They used the buffalo for everything from food to shelter and they did some gathering
- The Pawnee tribe was the 1 exemption they fared and lived in villages that didn't move around
- they started to decline when the Spanish came over and started hunting them until they were almost gone
- with this the indians lost their most valuable resource
- They Iroquois Indians lived in northeastern part of the USA what is now New York
- They lived in longhouses that housed several families that were related
- Their culture was based on their 3 sister crops maize (corn), beans, and squash and these crops make up most of their daily diets
- They had league called The Iroquois Confederacy, it is made up of the 5 tribes ( Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, and Onondaga)
- This league kept war at bay and made peace between the tribes
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