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McDonalds Delivery Service?

No description

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of McDonalds Delivery Service?

-In my secondary research, I have seen my competitors price. In the focus group, Over 50% of the group have come up with those:
The charge of delivery will be:
-£2.99 - less than 2 miles. (between 25p petrol)
-£3.99 - less than 4 miles. (between 50p petrol)
-Spend over £20 in McDonalds, customers get free delivery.
-If customers collect coupons there are deals and offers reducing the price of delivery.
-Penetration pricing will be used because we want to attract the customers when the service starts running.

Marketing Objectives
for McDonalds...
1. McDonalds plan is to be the world’s best quick service restaurant.
2. Being the best establishment by providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value.
3.Ensure that they meet their customer’s needs and keep them satisfied.
4.They want to provide an excellent service so they can attract the second group of their customers.
How my service meets their objectives?
-They want to be the 'quickest' restaurant, so with an addition to a new service, this will deliver to their door immediately. 19% of the customers suggested this in my questionaire.
-McDonalds use the SMART objectives in order to reach their targets.
Target audience (Customers)
While doing my questionnaire, i went into other companies such as KFC and Pizza Hut.
-I asked the customers there that if McDonalds was to have a new delivery service, would they prefer to come to McDonalds instead? 85% said yes they would come. This is how I will compete with my competitors in order to gain more interest.
The target audience for McDonalds is:
Current customers which normally visit McDonalds, new customers that will be interested and finally the competitors customers.
According to my research, (questionnaire) 56% customers purchase from McDonalds 'occasionally' and once my new service is in place, they will buy it more often because they have agreed to the new service.
McDonalds Delivery Service!
My Idea...
- Why I chose it?
-McDonalds is known as the 'quickest fast food restaurant' according to their customers.
- My research shows that 49% customers said that they have cheap prices, which makes them go there.
- 85% agreed to the new delivery service and they said they would agree to visit more often.

Product (Service)

-95% of the focus group agreed to the mini cooper.
- 45% customers requested (questionnaire) that the service is open 24/7.
-It will cost £8,850 to purchase the medium sized van (secondary research).
- Each store will have at least 2 vans depending on how busy that sttore is.
-The finance team will pay for petrol which costs +25p for each mile.

-The delivery service will be introduced in the most popular stores located in the city center in each city/town to compete with competitors.
-Once settled in, it will be introduced in the residential areas because in my primary research (questionnaire), 49% of the customers said that they live around Erdington. E.g the McDonalds on college road is used by many of the locals.
-It would be cheaper to use the service in the residential areas as it would use up less petrol as its less busier.

To your doorstep- now i'm lovin' it!
Nazifa Fairooz
-From my focus group, 95% have decided to go for the cheaper van as the company will not be loosing out on alot of money. Other van was just 10,000 on it's own.
-It will cost around £10,000 altogether for the delivery van. (heated van and cooler inside) Relates to my target audience.
-All the promotion will cost £546,870 in about 3 big cities. (annaully) (In Birmingham, Manchester, London).
-One of McDonalds marketing objectives is to achieve sales target of £1,000,000 within the first year.
-This is how much they need to make:
1,000,000/12 = £83,333 (Yearly)
weekly =£20,833

With the focus group, we have come up with the ways in which we can promote the new service:
1. 78% of the group agreed to using billboards which will cost £500 (medium)x1,000.
2. 67% agreed to posters which will be £39 per sheet in color x1,000.

3.Word of mouth.
4.Social networking sites- Facebook,YouTube and Twitter.
5.The McDonalds logo.

6.The catchy slogan I have come up with to promote the new service is 'to your doorstep- now i'm lovin' it!
I wont be advertising it on the TV because the delivery service will only be in the selected stores within cities and wont be going internationally.
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