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Lord Of the Flies

No description

Breanne Stewart

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Lord Of the Flies

Lord of The Flies by William Golding Allusions and Biblical References Introduction Lord of The Flies by William Golding has been recognized to be a retelling of biblical stories. However, the allusions and biblical references are used to be a motif to enhance the most important themes. Allusions throughout the novel are used to teach a lesson. Examples to be discussed: The Island The island in Lord of the Flies symbolizes the Garden of Eden in the Bible. The Fruit The main food source on the Island is fruit, there is an ample amount to feed all the boys. The 'Creepers' The 'creepers' in the novel are really just snake-like vines that scare the boys. These creepers are a symbol of restraint and destruction within the novel. The Killing of The Pig The killing of the pig essentially symbolizes the forbidden fruit, or original sin, in the Bible. After the killing of the pig the boys mentality becomes more evil and destructive. Simon In this novel Simon can be seen as a representation of Jesus Christ as he symbolizes the only one on the island that is truly good and innocent. Effectiveness The biblical references in Lord of the Flies are used effectively throughout the novel to enhance the main themes. The way this is effectively done is by using the biblical references as lessons to the boys. The Island
The Fruit
The 'Creepers'
The Killing of the Pig
Simon Ample fruit and ideal weather in the beginning of the novel
Ralph's first impulse after the plane crashed was to become naked and bathe in the water
Nudity is a symbol of innocence in the Bible
Water is a symbol of purity in the Bible In the bible the Garden of Eden is full of fruit
Simon hands the fruit down to the 'littluns' because they cannot reach. He does this until they are full.
Relates to God and the Garden of Eden
Gave them ample fruit to ensure satisfaction The creepers look like snakes to the boys, symbolizes the snake in the Bible.
The creepers are what trap the pig who would have died if Jake hadn't of hesitated.
The creepers are negatively portrayed throughout the novel.
Leads to a connection to the Devil in the Bible. Destruction is shown through the decaying of the pig head
After the pig dies so do Simon and Piggy
There was enough fruit for the boys on the island, they did not necessarily need to kill the pig.
Symbolizes the Devil, or evil. As it mocks and 'speaks' He is not violent or like the other boys and is seen as an outsider or weird just as Jesus was in the Bible.
The conversation he has with the pig's head relates to the conversation that Jesus had with the Devil
His death also is closely related to the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross & how they correlate with biblical stories Works Cited

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