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The Outsiders


Elizabeth coon

on 21 January 2010

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Transcript of The Outsiders

The Outsiders some major events in
this book is johnny getting
hurt and dieing and the other is
the rumble. -The main characters are johnny and pony,he kinda has a scared look and is very friendly he is not like the others he is a very very kind boy not like the rest.

-Pony is also a very nice boy and a good friend pony is kinda shabby looking that is how i would discribe him. The story took place in oklahhoma
the story also takes place in presnt
day. -conflict

one conflict is johnny
killing Bob Johnny had his last straw with
allt the violence so he stabed bob
and ended his life. The reason he killed him was because pony
was being drowned.johnny and bob had to run way in an abondaned church

- Another conflict in the story was when Darry hit pony darry hit pony because ithink he just got so frusturated that he hauled off and hit him. Pony ended up storming out the door and ran away then soda caught up with him.

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