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Republic and Revolution Part DEAUX

No description

Andre Bryant

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Republic and Revolution Part DEAUX

Preguntas 10-20 Revolution and Republic
Part Deaux The Seige of the Alamo President Anson Jones (1844-1845) Texas Rangers
Sam Houston ordered the Alamo to be destroyed.
James Bowie and James Neill decided that the Alamo was too important.
James Bowie and William Travis began to recruit supporters.
Santa Anna arrived in San Antonio.
The Texans (Anglos) moved into the Alamo and for 13 days fought the Mexicans
The fall of the Alamo occurred on the morning of March 6, 1836.
1800 Mexican troops fought against approximately 189 Texans.
All Texans were killed, and approximately 600 Mexican soldiers were also killed.

Through their brave efforts the Anglo Texans Delayed the Mexicans but eventually were killed
The establishment of the Republic of Texas was based on the freedoms most Texans had when they lived in the United States.

This meant that most Texans would not live under a dictatorship (political), and their civil liberties (civil/religious) like speech, religion, press, and assembly would be protected under a constitution.

Slavery was allowed under the Texas Constitution, therefore there were some Texans who were not Free.
Jones supported Houston’s policies. He maintained peace with the Native Americans, tried to limit spending, and turned over Texas to the United States. The siege of the Alamo WRite Your Definition WHAT is ANNEXATION? Annexation of Texas Slavery in Texas The status of African Americans changed dramatically during the Republic of Texas. Slavery was legalized, and free slaves had to get an act of Congress to remain legal in Texas. To incorporate (territory) into an existing political unit such as a country, state, county, or city. Texas Rangers – when Sam Houston became President, he dismissed the army because of its cost and leadership. He replaced them by reinstating the Texas Rangers. He used them to fight the attacks by the American Indians and the Mexican soldiers that crossed the border. Students will gather information about the events of the Texas Revolution and explain their impact.
Students will record their information on the Handout: Revolution Research Notes.
They will use this information to create their newspaper.

Get into five groups and each group gets an event each to research.

Events of the Texas Revolution:
Battle of Gonzales
Battle of the Alamo
Constitutional Convention of 1836
Battle of Goliad
Battle of San Jacinto

Students will gather information about the event’s date, location, causes and effects, at least one person who was involved in the event, an illustration that represents the event and source(s) of information.

Students will check the population distribution in Texas at the time to determine the impact of the revolution on the residents.

As a part of the newspaper account, students should consider the physical area (landforms, rivers, mountains, etc.), as well as the climatic or weather conditions that may have impacted the outcome of these events. Grupo Actividad Note: The weather conditions will be included in the textbook; landforms would all be plains or prairies. However, living off the land as the Mexican army intended to do, was nearly impossible in the drier regions and for such large numbers of soldiers at any one place. Draw a Map of the area in Texas where the San Jacinto Monument is Located Warm Up
Also indicate some of the main rivers and other
bodies of water located near it

Put Correct Term in Each Blank

1. _________________the source of governmental power lies with the people.

2. ___________________everyone, including all authority figures, must obey the laws.

3. ___________________the powers of government are separated between the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

4. ______________________the branches of government share powers with the other branches thereby check each other’s powers.

Popular Sovereignty –Limited Government Separation of Powers Checks and Balances Mirabeau Lamar
Council House Fight
Lamar’s Administration
March 19, 1840 – A group of Comanche leaders agreed to meet in San Antonio to surrender all Anglo captives
They delivered one captive – Matilda Lockhart
Texans were angry and refused to let the Indians leave
The Indians tried to leave and were attacked
Led to the death of seven Texans and many Comanche leaders who were unarmed and outnumbered
To this date, the Comanche nation refuses to make peace with the Texas Rangers over this event Chief Bowles
During the Lamar administration (1839), Chief Bowles was ordered to lead the Cherokees out of Texas. Bowles refused. Lamar ordered the militia to drive them out by force. Bowles was killed and the Cherokees were forced to present-day Oklahoma Important issues President Mirabeau Lamar (1838-1841)
Lamar did not agree with Houston’s policies. During his administration, he focused on pushing Native Americans farther west Sant Fe Expedition Texans were captured and marched to Mexico City and thrown into prison

This is one of the conflicts that led to the United States aquiring (getting) all parts of Texas. June 1841 - Lamar sent troops to claim the western boundary of Texas – all the land east of the Rio Grande which included Santa Fe and a part of present-day New Mexico
Mexico did not agree and neither did the citizens of Santa Fe
By the time the Texans got there they were in short supply and exhausted The Evolution of Stephen F. Austin During the Fredonian Rebellion – In 1826, in Nacogdoches a group of Texans formed the Fredonian Republic led by the Edwards Brothers and claimed the area was no longer under Mexican control. Stephen Austin sided with the Mexican government and marched to Nacogdoches to help stop the rebellion. Steps in 1. Austin travels to Mexico to meet with Mexican officials and delivers the resolution written by Texas officials about their concerns. When he gets there, Santa Anna has become the leader of Mexico but so much time has gone by that Austin sends a letter back to Texas to tell Texas officials to establish a state government. He gets a meeting with Santa Anna that agrees to many of the grievances and returns to Texas. On his return, he is arrested for treason because of the letter he wrote to Texas officials earlier. He is not allowed to return to Texas until summer of 1835 2. Supporter of Texas Independence 3. Diplomat and Negotiator Active In the Revolution 4. Defender of Mexican Authority Juan Seguin Juan Seguin – Served with Travis at the Alamo but survived because he was sent out as a messenger to warn Sam Houston about the events at the Alamo. He continued to serve under Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto. Texas had a Navy But... 1. Protected the Texas coast but it was a drain on the nation’s finances

2. Blockaded the Mexican coast and the invasion of Mexico

3. Very costly and most uses NOT SUCCESSFUL!!! You SHould know That The Texas Navy ... Texas Navy Ships were Very Vunerable... Because they used sails to maneuver they could be easily hit by cannon fire Battle of Coleto
Fannin stopped in an OPEN prairie to give his men a rest but the Spanish were able to surround them
Fannin’s men had no natural resources to protect themselves resulting in a defeat Turtle Bayou Resolutions – Anahuac settlers gathered at Turtle Bayou because of the disturbance at Anahuac. John Austin was sent to retrieve a cannon to be brought back from Brazoria and drafted resolutions that stated that they pledged their continued loyalty to Mexico under the Constitution of 1824. Santa Anna seemed to support the Constitution of 1824.

1. This event resulted in Colonel Jose de las Piedras (Mexia) ordering the release of William B. Travis and Patrick Jack from jail .

2.Colonel Jose de las Piedras (Mexia) army returned to Mexico
3. John Bradburn was dismissed from his command. Friends and Foes of Sam Houston Jose Antonio Navarro Supporter of Mirabeau B. Lamar and a critic of Sam Houston.

Served as Bexar’s (San Antonio) representative in the Texas Congress,

He tried to protect Tejano land claims and other rights. He was a voice of Tejanos.

Chief Bowles Leader of a group of Cherokees that arrived in Texas in 1820. He signed a treaty with Sam Houston during the Texas Revolution Sam Houston and the Navy Houston tried to sell the Navy during his second term but it fell through

During Houston’s administration,

Decrease the public debt,

The Navy was a drain on Texas finance most uses not successful and
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