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5 Seconds of Summer

No description

katherine saur

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer
How they have used their talents
They have used their talents as personal resources such as the musical resource by playing several instruments, and writing songs. They also used technology as a resource by knowing how to post videos onto youtube and by editing their own music videos.
They all had a pretty normal childhood. They all met at school and all were in the same music class together, so one day they thought it would be a good idea to post a video on youtube. At first the band was just Luke, Michael and Calum because Ashton felt they weren't serious about their music and didn't like them very much. After seeing the 3 perform together it was clear they needed drummer so they showed Ashton that they were serious about music so after some consideration he joined the band. Once all 4 were in the band they started to write music and they played a couple of talent/scouting shows.
Skill/Talent Development
Calum started to play bass when he was around 12. He was taking lessons outside of school. He never took singing lessons but was in his schools talent show the year before the band was started and sung in the talent show.
Early Success
Achieving Fame
There early success began when Calum, Michael, and Luke starting posting videos on youtube under the channel name hemmo1996. They posted a cover of Blink-182's I miss you which to date has 334,000 views. When Ashton joined the band, their cover of Chris Brown's and Justin Bieber's Next To You, got over 600,000 views. After this cover got so many views they went on a small tour as the opening act for Hot Chelle Rae.
5 Seconds of Summer are now on tour as the opening act for One Direction, as well as doing some of their own acoustic shows. Their shows on there own have all sold out within seconds of going on sale. They are also working on their debut album which is meant to be released early next year.
Luke got a guitar at a young age and also took lessons outside of school. Before staring 5 Seconds of Summer he often sung with his now ex-girlfriend in talent competitions and the often won.
Michael started to play guitar while in grade school, and his music teacher at school taught him. He doesn't sing very much, he mostly harmonises in songs.
Ashton got his first drum set when he was 12. He took lessons outside school and started his own youtube channel before joining the band where he posted videos of himself singing. He also preformed at a music festival on his own before joining the group.
Calum Hood
Ashton Irwin
Michael Clifford
Luke Hemmings
*They have only been together 2 years and they already have fans all over the world
*They are from Sydney, Australia
*They have 1.5million followers on their band twitter account
January 25 1996
-Plays bass
-Had a chance to play
professional soccer but gave it up for music
-Born July 7th 1994
-Plays drums
-Sung on his own before
joining the band
-Born 20
November 1995
-Plays guitar and
harmonizes in songs
-Writes most of the songs
-Born July 16
-Plays guitar and is main vocals
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