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The Shrinking World of Sales

No description

Jon M

on 13 May 2012

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Transcript of The Shrinking World of Sales

The Shrinking World Of Sales With all of us constantly connected - Word travels much faster

This is leaving no room for poor quality WELCOME! Before We Get Started Today... - First Off -
We don't really "SELL" things anymore...
Allow me to explain what I mean. Who knows a company that has been hurt
as a result of consumers becoming more connected aware of poor quality? Quality does not need to be "sold"
- It just needs a proper introduction. School Owner's Only for 15 minutes Staff that are not motivated
CAN'T sell to save their lives.
What is the best way to motivate staff? Money
Time Off
Opportunity Opportunity
Time Off
Money Adult Staff Youth Staff Opportunity
Time Off Great, their motivated now
- woohoo -
THEM TO SELL MORE? Commission Pay Right?
- All our problems are solved WRONG.
Commission only makes
a good salesperson better.
Emotional Attachment to what they
sell is what needs to be achieved. (I'll break them down, you give me the order you think they apply) Loving what you sell
is a Self-Motivator! Passion & Excitement
Make the best
Salespeople. Quick Recap:

- If you aren't excited about
what you sell, I won't be either.

- If you don't know everything about what you sell, I'm not confident.

- If I'm not confident,
I'll want to ask around.

- Sales is easy when you
love what you sell.

- The easiest way to love it,
is to live it. (IF) You master this concept,
Then you can begin to focus on
The Elements of your "Pitch"
(Introduction of your Programs) What are the elements?

- Bonding & Rapport

- Get the Guard Down (Mirror)

- Asking the Right Questions
(Identifying Pains & Pleasures)

- Solve Problems

- Price & Confidence

- Close with value first and
save "offers" for the counter.

- Post Sales. How many times/week do you train? We all tend to be the worst at this! Do you know of ANY company
that was hurt by people being
able to spread the word about
something negative??? ? Time for one more Exercise C " " WHY? is it so awkward? Asking for money can be difficult when
you are uncomfortable with the idea! 1 Volunteer PLEASE! $1



$1000 $10,000


$1,000,000 Red


Blue Green


Purple Red





Yellow $10





$1,000,000 Time for Questions?
Or can we cover some quick bonus material? Some other "Sales" Sightings:

Selling your equipment vendors on
giving you a better deal

Selling local businesses on helping you
(GNC example) - Bonding & Rapport

- Get the Guard Down (Mirror)

- Asking the Right Questions
(Identifying Pains & Pleasures)

- Solve Problems

- Price & Confidence

- Close with value first and
save "offers" for the counter.

- Post Sales. To the New School How much do these things HOLD UP! MATTER? Another way of looking at it: Stance & Front Kick BEFORE All other Techniques (Foundation trumps all) Fundamentals of Making a Sale: (This is where most of us fall short in our sales process) (Please & Thank You)
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