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Little Tennessee River Basin

No description

Keira Curtiss

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Little Tennessee River Basin

Major Towns and Cities
Bryson City, Robbinsville, Franklin, and Sylva are examples of some major towns and cities located in the Little Tennessee River Basin.
Streams and Rivers
There is a total number of 2,501 miles of streams and rivers. This includes Little Tennessee, Cullasaja, Nantahala, Tuckasegee, and Cheoah rivers.
Paddling is a very popular recreational activity in the Little Tennessee River Basin. I would like to try it one day at the Little Tennessee River Greenway.
Water Features
There are many water features located in the Little Tennessee River Basin not including the main river. These water features include lakes, gorges, waterfalls, and creeks.
Interesting Facts
89% of the Little Tennessee River Basin is forested.
The concrete dam that impounds Fontana Lake is the highest in the eastern United States (480 feet).
The Little Tennessee River Basin supports the richest aquatic species assemblage remaining in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I would like to visit and possibly hike the North Carolina Bartram Trail currently established in the Little Tennessee River Basin.
Little Tennessee River Basin
(North Carolina)

Plants and Animals
There are a variety of endangered plants and animals in the Little Tennessee River Basin. Some of the endangered plants include Mountain Camella and Fraser's Loosestrife. Some of the endangered animals include Appalachian Elktoe, Littlewing Pearlymussel, Spotfin Chub, and Stoklefin Redhorse.
Macon, Cherokee, Graham, Jackson, and Swain are five counties that are located in the Little Tennessee River Basin.
Water Quality
The water quality located in the Little Tennessee River Basin is considered generally excellent.
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Dry Falls located in Little Tennessee River Basin, North Carolina
Appalachian Elktoe
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