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Red Mango - Marketing 300

No description

Rebecca Buell

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Red Mango - Marketing 300

Becca Buell
Trevor Franda
Brittany Goldsworthy
Megan Hakes
Katie Waldeck Red Mango Consultants: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 3 C's Analysis ompany Analysis: 4 P's C C ompetitor Analysis C ustomer Analysis Products Price Place Promotion Our Advertisement.... Female customer backlash: address by including females in advertisements (i.e. male and female on date enjoying product)
Limited funding: address by allocating funds currently directed towards feminine-driven advertisements to new strategy
Product alteration (i.e. more toppings)
Increases in funding
No legal impediments foreseen Market development
Same product, new market
Target male population, specifically younger men ages 18-24 years old
Stray away from solely targeting female consumers Next Steps for Red Mango? Agenda 3 C's & 4 P's Analysis
Red Mango SWOT Analysis
Next Steps for Red Mango
New Marketing Strategy
Our Video
Implementation & Feasibility Thank you
Any questions? New 4 P's Primary research and secondary research Feasibility All-Natural Frozen Yogurt

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Artisan Hot Chocolate

Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

Frozen Coffee Chillers

Frozen Lemonades

Fro-Yo Mashups

Skinny Sorbettos Red Mango Frozen Yogurt:
Standard sizes, but roughly $0.59 per ounce
(excluding toppings) Over 200 locations in the United States.
Many stores are in airport terminals or
on college campuses -First Store Opened-2007

-Ads drew people to the Red Mango Facebook group

End of 2008- 4,000 fans

November 2009- More than 112,000 fans

Red Mango's Facebook page is interactive. Most of Red Mango's advertising happens here. Red Mango Mascot
Miss Mango Forever Yogurt:

$0.45 -- $0.50 per oz.

TCBY (The Country's Best Yogurt):

$0.39 per oz. Pricing Forever Yogurt:

Price by the ounce

Customization of toppings
Focus on product differentiation Strategy Customer Segments: Male/Female
College Age (18-24) Product Attributes Reduced Sugar/Calories
Gluten Free
Fun Toppings Healthiness of the "treat"

Appeal to women, women centered Do not target men at all

Unapproachable website to men

Make frozen yogurt feel like a “girl’s” dessert Health craze

Options for both genders

Promotions/advertisement Alternative dessert options (ice cream, cakes, etc)

Target audience is not brand loyal

Potential exists to make frozen yogurt undesirable by making it too healthful and less like a treat Accomplish this by:
Placing less emphasis on fruity, low-calorie options
More emphasis on chocolate and satisfying qualities of froyo (gluten-free and all-natural)
Advertise "masculine males" enjoying the product and dismissing previous image of Froyo consumption being only socially acceptable for females Product, Price, and Place remain the same Promotion is realigned through: New Promotion: New target market: 18-24 year old males
Appeal to healthiness, yet keep treat
Provide more gender neutral advertisements
Promote more trendy social media videos
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