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Blended Instruction

No description

Lois Etzel

on 24 January 2016

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Transcript of Blended Instruction

Innovation for Teaching and Learning
Blended Instruction
Blended learning is a research based strategy which combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with computer-mediated lessons.
Digital Natives
Digital Immigrants
Digital Refugee?
Learn to Navigate the RightPath System
Student View and Teacher View
Definition: Digital Natives are people who have grown up in the digital world using technology as a way to communicate, record, educate, and understand society. Today's tweens and teens are digital natives as they have had access to computers, cell phones, email, and other forms of technology since birth. Digital Natives speak the language of technology and are as comfortable with technology as past generations have been with pen and paper.
What is Blended Instruction?

How can we actively support students in jeopardy of falling behind
or even failing a content area?

Learning Recovery
Dr. Lois Etzel
Right Reason Technologies

The Basics of Blended Instruction
Best of Both Worlds
Interaction with Teacher and other students and access to differentiated lessons infused with multi-media, on-line discussions, investigations, and formative assessments.

Blended Learning is an excellent option because of the way technology has become an integral part of our lives, especially our students - our digital natives.
Why Blended Instruction?
1. Think big...start small!
2. Have lots of patience...ask questions and ask for support
Add one or two reinforcement or enrichment lessons per unit, start a discussion for one topic.
There will be additional support from RRT like the liaison and support videos and tutorials.
3. Technology shouldn't be "just" a frill
Use technology to replace and improve what you already do. For example, start by assigning support lessons for concepts that historically you know students struggle with - or- if you want a challenge, build your own scaffolded lesson.
Literacy in the History/Social Studies, Sciences, and Technological

Math- 15-16 Alg 2
Social Studies Framework - 16-17
Science pending (Similarity Math Process Standards)

• Decision Making

• Innovation/Creativity

• Goal Setting/Results Driven

• Multi Tasking

• Work with others

Learning Enrichment
Thank you!
What's changed?
Complexity of text students are required to read and comprehend
Comparisons between different types of media
Emphasis on informational text
Cross content integration with the goal
being to solve real-world problems
and last...but not least...process and strategy integration and deeper exploration of concepts
Pre-teaching,reteaching, and support for students.
Regents Prep

Traits Needed According to Employers
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