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Programmatic Sales Training

No description

Rory Rodbell

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Programmatic Sales Training

Programmatic Tactical Training
How Do I sell this?
Anatomy of the deal
Final Thoughts
Programmatic 101
Data Management Platform
Software used to ingest, sort, and house information for publishers & marketers

Sell-side Platform
Technology company that powers selling inventory via RTB for publishers

Deal ID
Token or indicator to execute PMP buys for direct deals with publishers

Demand Side Platform
Technology company that powers RTB buying for advertisers and agencies

Agency Trading Desk
Holding company-created division to execute audience buying strategies, both direct and indirect

Private Marketplace
Strategy to create a premium sales channel using RTB to execute direct buys

Real-Time Bidding
Selling and buying advertising in real-time one ad impression at a time

Baseline of Terminology

Are you currently running any programmatic campaigns?
Who handles your programmatic buying?
Do you buy via Private Marketplaces?
What are your goals/KPI's?
Are you global (EMEA, LATAM, APAC)?

How to bring it up?
Advanced targeting placements such as site, product, site category and audience data

Target active shopping audiences in real time

One stop shop for premium retail media

Why buy our Programmatic Direct media?
Who are our Trading Desk clients?
What information do we need?
CPM floor
Inventory selection
Allow, Block and Target
Identify the advertisers
Ask the buyer what ad technology (or technologies) they have declared in their ads.
Launch Process
Programmatic Direct?
Programmatic Direct:
AKA: Private Marketplaces, PMP's, private exchange, etc.
Direct deal using programmatic tech
Follows standard direct sales process
No IO needed
Impressions not guaranteed
Deal ID: Is a unique identifier that encompasses all the elements of a pre-negotiated exchange based deal
Ad sizes
Floor prices
Inventory placements
Flight dates

My clients say they want to move direct dollars to programmatic direct!
When does this make sense?
Scale and reach
Algorithmic optimization based on goals
Buyer indicates they prefer to purchase via their DSP’s and Trading Desk’s
Standard iab units

When doesn't this make sense?
Focus on non-standard and rich media experiences
High SOV opportunities

How can we help?
We are here to help you!
Assist with sales calls
Provide data
Marketing collateral
Continue education
Grow programamtic revenue
Prep work
Review the weekly insight reports
Verticals/categories performance
Why Focus on Direct Sales via Programmatic?
Sustain direct relationships
Separate media budgets
Gain efficiency
Agencies and advertisers are already participating
On average, the top 1,000 brands are buying 23% of their online impressions via programmatic

My client says they want to buy us programmatically! What now?
What information do we need?
What is the launch process?
Post launch
Below is a general step-by-step workflow of an offer from inception to live deal. This workflow demonstrates what the process is when a buyer initiates an offer.
Seller negotiates the terms of the deal
Timing, Pricing, Inventory, etc.
Once agreed upon, the seller loops in programmatic solutions team to create the "deal ID with all the necessary information in hand
Programmatic solution teams creates a new deal and sends to the buyer
The deal is now live once the buyer implements
Programmatic solutions team monitors deal to ensure a smooth launch
Seller is responsible for maintaining the every day relationship and be the main POC
Best Practices
Be careful with DR clients
Focus on branding KPI's
Recommend the widest inventory net
Use data/insights when speaking to clients
FAQ's From Clients
Are you integrated with any exchanges or supply side platforms? (SSP’s)?

We are integrated with Google Adx for PMP opportunities
We work with other SSP's but Adx is preferred
Where do you obtain inventory?
Exclusively direct from large shopping retail sites. There is no arbitrage since we manage the tags directly their sites
Do you offer 1st look inventory?
Are the site URL’s transparent?


Do you sell 1st party data?
Yes, but only combined with our media inventory. We do not sell data without our media
Are you global?

Language Targeting?


Explaining Programmatic in less than 60 seconds
Stay Informed
Follow the industry news
IAB programmatic council
Exchange Wire
The typical reaction
Our overall success depends on you!

One Stop Shop
Create a single deal ID to make it operationally efficient for buyers and for maximum reach and scale
Targeting Placements
Target Active Shoppers in Real-time
Target shopping audiences in real-time in the shopping evironment
Audience is in the purchase consideration mindset (research shows this type of audience is most receptive to an advertisers message)
Post Launch
Monitor spend details from the weekly revenue reports
Inform the programmatic team if you see any major increases or decreases so we can reach out to the client
There is still a significant barrier to understanding client's campaign performance and goals, therefore maintaining frequent and direct communication is key
Inventory is 100% transparent and brand safe
Ability to segment by site, category, products and audience data
Seeing the Future
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