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Deep Down Popular

No description

Kayla loves Pugs! :-)

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Deep Down Popular

A Story Of A Southern Girl and
a new best friend Deep Down Popular Jessie Lou Jessie Lou is the unpopular girl, the girl you never notice, the nobody. Before her new friend Conrad came into her life. Jessie Lou always wanted to perfect, beautiful and smart just like her older sister but refers herself as an ugly stupid troll. When Conrad and her start hanging out they start to become good friends which is exactly what she needs to add a little more self confidence. Jessie Lou Ferguson has had had a crush on Conrad forever but yet has never said a word to him. Jessie Used to wait and dream for that Conrad would love her as much as she loves him. Who knows though could they're really be more to Conrad then just his athletics and looks. Conrad Parker Smith Conrad Parker Smith was the popular kid. What made
him so popular soccer, appearance or even being nice?
Conrad was the kid, the one you would let "cut" you in line for Pizza Tuesday or be late to class just to speak to him he was deep down popular. Until he got a
leg brace from a soccer injury and popularity was too
fast for Conrad Parker. When Jessie Lou was assigned
to keep Conrad safe going home from school every day
her Conrad and an obnoxious boy name Quinton
oddly enough started to become friends. GRANDADDY Granddaddy's are loving and caring and love to give you good advice that you will cherish forever, but NOT this one. Granddaddy is very negative and tries to complain whenever he gets the chance. Inside you know he has a strong connection with Jessie Lou, even more then her sister that he tries to sound like he loves more. Inside his heart he loves and cares for everything around him, but outside he's hard to crack. Melinda Quinton Friendship This book is mainly about friendship. Friendship is what is keeping them so close. Friendship is what makes their memories, memories. Friendship is what's keeping them strong. Friendship is eternal. If there wasn't friendship all their life's would crumble one at a time. Although they seem different they all had lost the same thing... their own friends. All of them were lonely but eventually they made do with what they had. Jessie
Lou The Wooden House The Wooden house was a small house and it was only important to Jessie Lou, or so she thought. She would play games in it, hang out in it, write poetry, read she found different INDEPENDENT things to do and she like it that way. She made the best of her time there and she felt like it was her old, wooden house. With very little friends and not being anyone's favorite because all those roles where taken by her older sister Melinda she found things to do by herself and that house did just the trick! The Bike Event One very important event in the book was the part when Jessie Lou saved the books from Conrad's bike from falling into the water which in my opinion she did for trust. After all the betrayal, Conrad had someone to trust. Conrad throwing his bike into the river was like throwing away dreams and he finally gave up, but Jessie Lou saved the books hoping he won't give up that easy. Grandaddy and Jessie Lou have a close relationship even though neither of them would probably never admit it. To Jessie Lou nobody loves her as much as they do Melinda but if she looks deep down she will find that Grandaddy does love her more and that's why they go to the Tex Mex restaurant together and the hardware store as Melinda and her mom stay at home. Someday Grandaddy and Jessie Lou will admit that they love each other more then you can imagine. Grandaddy and Jessie In every story you have to have the beautiful sister and in this story Melinda is that sister. She is pretty and smart... PERFECT. She is everyone's favorite especially mamas. Mama and Melinda do everything together including now that she was entered to have her written literature spoken at a big festival. Now that gives mama to give Melinda double the attention she deserves. Mama and Melinda Mama and Melinda's relationship is as close as Lois Clark's. They would do everything together and had all the same opinions it seems like. They blocked out many people especially Jessie Lou. Whenever they would want more alone time they would send Jessie Lou and Grandaddy off to somewhere else as they enjoy each others company. Have you ever had the really obnoxious kid the one you absolutely cannot stand, well Quinton was that kid. Quinton only needs himself to keep himself occupied. He is the exact opposite of Jessie Lou and would always like a little extra attention. His big amount of self confidence could fit two of him, which probably makes one normal sized person considering he was so short. Quinton had no friends until Jessie Lou and Conrad two of the three least popular kids in school Under the old Bed One big scene in the book is the part where Conrad, Quinton and Jessie Lou are stuck under the bed in the old wooden house when Fred (or maybe the other identical brother) went inside the abandoned house. Confused and now anxious to get out they find a quick hiding place inside the house and stay as quiet as they can. They still don't know what they are doing, but them being under the bed was their first investigation. Sixth Grade Dance What better way to celebrate then the annual sixth grade graduation dance. Time went by and Conrad got his brace off and everything, everything went back to normal and Jessie Lou was the nobody again. She knew this was going to happen that it was only a matter of time. In her room she hears the doorbell ring and none other then Conrad with a bag of candy. He came to pick up Jessie Lou to the dance. With nothing to wear her sister lets her borrow a beautiful, pale, purple dress from her sister. It will truly be a night to remember. DEEP
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