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Art Journal

No description

Katie Whittaker

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Art Journal

Pre- Instruction Sketch
Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Approaches to Drawing
Colour Quilt
Detail in the hair
Good proportions
Positioning matchs original object
Head & mouth need work/details
Muscles need to be more defined
Next Steps:
Work on shading
Work on angles
Work on leg definition
Katie Whittaker
Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
How's Your Heart Today?
Empty Journal Seeks Creative Genius For Casual Fling
Art Journal
Artist: Write what you hoped to express with the artwork
Hurts: Green
Worries: Purple
Hopes: Blue
Joys: Dark Green
Viewer: Without looking at what the artist wrote, write what you think the artwork is about and what it means to you.
I wanted it to look like my worries and hurts we invading in on my heart and engulfing my hopes and joys. However, my hopes are gaining strength and are trying to push away all the worries. I made my heart open to symbolize my willingness for change.
I can see that there aren't a lot of joys.
Lots of purples and greens which represent hurt and worries. This makes me think that the artist is experiencing something sad.
Heart is small and not in the middle - makes me feel like her heart is not her main priority right now
Very sad but there seems to be hope that the next day will be better
Blending looks pretty
Lines are smooth and elegant - worries that she is used to dealing with?
"No Matter What They Tell You,
You Don't Have To Stay Within The Lines"
Ms. Whittaker's
Other Drawing Techniques
- Pablo Picasso
Head shape:
geometric or organic
start at top, end on side
one high, one low, bold pupils
Eye Brows:
two expressions or in profile
starts at nose line, asymmetrical, lots of lines starting from same place

1. Explain in detail how you used 3 different camera angles in your Bitstrips comic.
Close up, Long shot, and Medium shot.
Used close-up to show the excitement in my character
Used the angles to help share the joke as best as I could

2. What do you think was successful and why?
Angles of Characters
Facial Expressions
Body Poses

3. What do you think you could improve? Why?
Clarity of the joke
Clarity of who's speaking and when

4. What surprised you?
How easy the program is to use

5. What would you do differently next time? Why?
Different joke
Different setting
* Avatar has at least 2 features out of proportion (wrong size)

* Avatar has at least 2 features in proportion (right size/right place)

* Facial features, body language, clothing reflect intended message

* Font reflects intended message

* Minimum 3 panel cartoon/maximum 4

* Minimum 3 different camera angles
Whole Class Activity
Brayers and Ink
Pochoir (from the French "to push")
Styrofoam Printing
What was used to
create this print?
I will include:
* symmetrical shapes
* Colour pushed towards centre/centre clear
* colour loaded on both sides
* illusion of roundness (convex) create

I will see and explain
* evidence of at least 5 different leaves
* evidence of each leaf printed 3 times for asymmetrical design
* what I did to get at least one print printed clearly

Success Criteria
Slots and Tabs
Symmetrical eyes
Repeating line or shapes
Innovative use of materials
Create 3 organic forms with plasticine. Use your mark-making tools to create texture on at least 1 of the forms.
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