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Banned Books: A Child Called, "It"

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Esther Pak

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Banned Books: A Child Called, "It"

A Child Called, "It"
This story is based off a true story that happened in Daly City, California. The main character of this story is also the author. David Pelzer's story is truly inspiring! His mother abuses him for her own amusement. David and his mother have to play a game, and David needs to win in order to survive. The abuse she does to David is just horrendous! It's on record in California to be one of the worst child abuse cases.
Challenged or Banned?
A Child Called, "It'" was challenged. It was first challenged because of the foul language and the grotesque and violent scenes where the mother would beat the son. Some examples were: stabbing, eating ammonia, eating his own throw up, and being starved.
Was There a Court Case?
There was no case because there were no complications or protests. The book was banned from the school without a problem.
End Results
The book got challenged in Housel Middle School in Prosser, Washington in 2001. The school board decided that students had to have parent permission in order to check out the book. Parents and teachers still has a problem with the book. The book is still currently available for students.
Where and Who?
The challenge took place in Prosser, Washington.
The people who challenged it were members of the school board committee
Banned Books: A Child Called, "It"

By: Esther Pak

Teachers and parents sent in complaints explaining about the contents of the book not being suitable to the students. They said even though the book was challenged and students needed parent permission, the students are now aware of the books and can be able to purchase it or even check it out in public libraries.
Why read banned books?
Students don't have to read banned books if they're not comfortable with the content of the book, but if you're keeping an open mind then go for it! However, you have to be at least age appropriate for the banned book you're wanting to read. In other terms, I think anybody can enjoy banned books, because I definitely enjoyed this one in particular! So you never know and you can't judge a book by what other people say about it! You're opinion matters too!
Beaver, Ty. "A Child Called It" Tri-City Herald. 6 Feb. 2013. Web. 30 Oct. 2013
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