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Year End Prezi Morgan Erffmeyer

No description

Morgan Erffmeyer

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Year End Prezi Morgan Erffmeyer

1. How do you believe you have changed from the beginning to the year? I believe I have changed by becoming better at math. Also I have become more responsible. End of the Year 2. Who are the people who have been with you the most throughout the year? The people who have been there the most for me are all my friends. Naomi, Hannah S., Hanna S., Chloe L. Kennidy F. and some others. 3. What are some things you learned in each of your classes? I have learned about the Vikings in S.S
In Math factions, In Language proper English, Science about fossils, Band how to play the clarinet, Gym flag football, Art how to speak spanish, Science Exploratory how to build a simple machine, and Computers how to make a prezi. 4. What are some lessons you learned outside of class/outside of school? I have learned how to become a better volleyball player and how to become a better team leader/player. 5. Who was the most influential person to you during the year? Why? How? My sister Hannah has influenced me the most this year. She has helped me get through hard times and made me happier. She also gives me tips on how to become a better person and helped me with my homework and anything else I ask for help on. We have had our ups and downs and I'm sure theres more to come, but we get through it together. 6. What is your most memorable moment in school this year? Describe. The most memorable moment of this year is having my big party with all my friends. We played outside attempted to watch movies ate snacks!! It was probably one of the best things that I have done this year. 7. What is your most memorable moment outside of school this year? Describe. In school my most memorable moment was getting in an argument with Mr. Dunnuck about the explorers... of course he ended up winning!!! :( 8. What did you like most about this year? Why? I like the teachers most about this year. The reason for that is they are very clear with their directions and if you have a question they answer it. Not just part of it, but they answer it all the way. 9. What did you like least about this year? Why? The test. Some of the test were very hard and unfair. In most classes they were easy, but some we didn't even talk about some of the questions so I thought it was unfair. That's what caused my grade to go down. The good thing is we get to retake the test and we don't have to retake the whole test just the part that we did really bad on. 10. Any other thoughts, stories, etc you wish to share with the class or family. I have nothing to say. Just thank you to everybody who has helped me get through this school year!!! cliffmass.blogspot.com www.santabanta.com www.clover.k12.sc.us www.weddingbycolor.com pbskids.org picasaweb.google.com bwufundraising.wordpress.com depositphotos.com www.paymystudentloans.com www.bookunitsteacher.com
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