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Enhancing Virtual Reality

Here you'll find out just what virtual reality is and what its applications might be.

Ryan Beck

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of Enhancing Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality What is it anyway? Well, I'll tell you... Basically, it's when you sit there all day on your marshamllow couch, Eating bacon cheeseburgers dipped in gravy, While at the same time, you could be paragliding in Tibet... on your computer. Virtual reality is basically an alternate world contained inside your PC. This is typically what we think of when we picture vitual reality, but that's not the half of it. Set-ups like this only cover two senses: sight and sound. True virtual reality consists of all five senses... ...using something like this. With today's technology, we can handle sight and sound perfectly, and, to a limited degree, touch. These headphones can create stero sound. These goggles display the 3D environment around you and rotate it in real time with your head Gloves like these can increase and decrease resistance based on electrical currents via the use of electrorheological fluids. Translation: The gloves are made of a special material that gets harder or softer depending on how much electricity you run through it. They would be perfect for something like practicing surgery. For example, the surgeon's gloves would feel harder when he was touching bones than when he was touching flesh. Virtual reality could also revolutionize meetings... Better than an actual meeting or gotomeeting.com, you could be sitting on a virtual beach with all the other big-shots, while, in reality, you're... ...sitting on your marshmallow couch, eating bacon cheeseburgers dipped in gravy. Sorry, but you can't clog your virtual arteries with virtual bacon cheeseburgers dipped in virtual gravy. The technology needed to simulate taste and smell is just too impractical today. When thay do figure it out, though--virtual reality could allow you to live a second life! But that's WAY in the future. Virtual reality is being used all over the place just the way it is right now! For example, It can be used to train military units for flight. They use a flight simulator that rocks and rolls just like a real plane would. That's old, though. Everyone's heard of flight simulator. But has anyone heard of... Exploring a building before its foundation has even been laid? Architects can construct their creations in cyberspace and have their client, boss, etc. explore it so they can see if they like the way it looks. If the client thinks their master bedroom is just a little too small, it's no problem. No tearing down the wall and erecting it elsewhere, and no guessing what all those blueprints mean. Just one click and it's fixed! Hold on, now, there's just one more application I want to tell you about. Virtual reality can be used to treat phobias. Imagine, for a second, you're afraid of heights. You know that the best way to treat your fears is to confront them, But there's no WAY you're going to just go stand on a cliff's edge to do it, so, Why not plop yourself right next to a vitual representation of the Grand Canyon? It has the same effect, and is much less life-endangering. So, one day soon you may find yourself flying a plane, hanging off a cliff, or sleeping in a nonexistant bedroom, and all the while you're eating a bacon cheeseburger in the comfort of your own living room, It would all be thanks to virtual reality.
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