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Quotation Marks

No description

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Quotation Marks

By: Emily Nelson, Maria Eckhart and Chris Huss
Periods & Commas
Quotation marks ALWAYS go on the outside of ALL periods and commas
"I love to play sports."

"Claire is adorable."

*Notice how the period is inside the quotation marks*
She said, "Maria said, 'We're leaving for the cabin.'"
*Notice how there are 3 marks at the end. This is because you are quoting within a quote, so 3 marks are needed instead of just 2.

Quoting Another Person
When you are quoting what another person said, THEIR quote will have its OWN quotation
Quotation Marks
Quotation marks are in pairs- Do not forget to close a quotation
In ALL quotes, periods, question marks, & commas occur before the final quotation
Keep quotes short and sparingly, and do not overuse them in your work
Shortening a Quote
If you have a really long quote that you want to put into your paper but is to long, you can use an ellipsis in the middle of a quote to shorten it.
An ellipsis is an omission from a sentence of one or more words that would clarify the sentence (...).
"John went to the store ... He came home 15 minutes later."

*Notice how the ellipsis is in the middle of the quote. This is because there were certain words that were wanted to be shown and the quote was too long to be stated (so we used the ellipsis to cut other words out).
Works Cited

Pepper, Mark, Sean M. Conrey, and Allen Brizee. "How to Use Quotation Marks." Owl.english.purdue.edu. Purdue University, 18 Apr. 2013. Web. 07 Oct. 2013.

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Practice Questions
Answers to Practice Questions
Notebook Questions
Answers to Notebook Questions
Are these correct? If not fix them.
1. The doctor said "You're dying."
2. Did she say "Did you dye your hair?"?
3. The Vet "said it has cancer".
4. "When I was talking to your mom said said 'Hi.'"
Put the Quotes in the right place.
5. My mom said clean my room.
6. My dad said you have to go to practice.
7. Maria said I'm good at volleyball.
Your turn...
Fix these sentences if it is needed:
1. Tom said, "Did Kenny say I'm going to practice"?
2. "She did not play soccer."
3. Did Chris ask, "Charlie am I coming to pick you up?"?
4. Her mom said "Hurry up!"

Put the quote in the right place:
5. Martin said I love s'mores!
6. Aejah asked, Did Carl say i'm mean?
7. Brittany asked is it time to go home yet?
1. Correct
2. Incorrect, Did she say "Did you dye your hair?"
3. Incorrect, The Vet "said it has cancer."
4. Correct
5. My mom said "Clean my room."
6. My dad said "You have to go to practice."
7. Maria said "I'm good at volleyball."
1. Tom said, "Did Kenny say, 'I'm going to practice?"'
2. (fine as is)
3. Did Chris ask, "'Charlie am I coming to pick you up?'''
4. (fine as is)

5. Martin said "I love s'mores!"
6. Aejah asked, "'Did Carl say i'm mean?"'
7. Brittany asked "is it time to go home yet?"
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