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Mia Loredo

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Taiwan

by: Mia Loredo uihfg mn jkbnopmxc, kmjn MUSIC
Music in Taiwan The music in Taiwan mainly consitsts of traditional
Chinese music. They mainly have orchestras for example, Taipei Municipal Chinese Classical Orchestra, National Chinese Orchestra, Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra, and Chinese Orchestra of the Broadcasting Corporation of China. These groups stage regular performances of traditional Chinese music
Food In taiwan, food and dinner brings families together.
There are alot of traditional dishes and cuisines in Taiwan for example...Zongzi-A popular dish traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat festival to commemorate the poet-statesman Chu Yuan Taiwan also has very interesting meals as well like... chicken feet Blood on a stick You can find duck blood and pig blood in stands and markets. The one above is pigs blood, rolled in hot sauce, peanuts, and cilantro Chicken feet is usually common to
find them in markets and stands. All though
chicken feet doesn't have much meat in them
they are said to be a good snack. Duck tongue Although it's not common to find duck tongue everywhere, it is there and people do eat it. Asparagus Juice Many convenience stores in Taiwan carry this juice.
It is said to be sweet, like asparagus mixed with sugar water. Stinky Tofu The reason it's called "stinky tofu" is
because it literally does stink. The reason why it stinks is because of the way its processed. Stinky Tofu is tofu that has been marinated in vegetable and shrimp broth that has been fermenting for months. The one above is fried stinky tofu. It is said to have a very bad smell, but if can stand that, it does taste kinda good. Clothing clothing in Taiwan have all differnt kinds of styles of dressing, it also depends on traditions, events, and holidays.
For tradtional clothing there is, for example, there are headdresses, kimonos, tunics, and sashes, and even particular kinds of ceremonial wedding dresses. this picture is an example of headdresses Here's a kimono Here's a tunic top Religion Most of the people are followers of China's three religious traditions; Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, collectively referred to as the "three teachings," or sanjiao. Each religion has a long history and its own temples, priests, and sacred texts. Popular religions includes elements of these three sets of teachings, along with beliefs in ancestors, ghosts, and magic.

Confucianism symbol Taoism symbol Buddhism
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