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Why choose GCSE Textiles?

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Jen Barnett

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Why choose GCSE Textiles?

For more information talk to
Miss Barnett

Skills and
Creative, analytical, problem solving, design, making, analysing, evaluating, planning, organisation, research, practical, production methods, construction techniques, decorative techniques, industry practices, smart materials, CAD/CAM, modeling, testing, environmental and sustainability issues, developing etc.
Whats involved?
60% Coursework (Controlled Assessment)
This consists of an A3 design folio and a final product.

40% Written Examination
This is a two hour exam at the end of Year 11.

The future
Fashion designer, tailor, dress maker, garment technician, interior designer, architect, model, costume designer, children toys designer, machinist, manufacturer, buyer, visual merchandiser, stylist, teacher, marketer, footwear designer, sports wear designer, textiles designer, fashion illustrator, journalist etc.
Not for boys?!
The future of the textiles industry is all about innovation, science and technology. Textiles are evolving to become interactive, entertaining and in some cases life saving. Of course we will always need beautiful clothes but without the textiles industry there are many products that just wouldn't exist.
Why choose GCSE Textiles?
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