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The Night She Disappeared

Prezi book project Kroells 4-5

Rachel Rendall

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of The Night She Disappeared

Theme Exposition The Night She Disappeared In the exposition the main characters such as Gabie, Kayla, and Drew are introduced, as well as the setting. In this section of the book Kayla and Drew are working together at Pete's Pizza. This part of the story then leads to the suspicious conflict. Conflict The conflict of this extraordinary story is shown from the first page to the last, starting with the kidnapping and disappearance of Kayla Cutler. On an ordinary night Kayla switched shifts with Gabie, at Pete's Pizza while making a delivery that she didn't come back from. Throughout this mysterious book everyone is shocked by the disappearance of Kayla and work hard to try to find her. But there is two people who have more information and determination to find her; Drew and Gabie, two ordinary citizens. I would identify the conflict of this book as Man vs. person because of Kayla's fight for freedom of being imprisoned. In the book Kayla is on a never-ending fight, like when she went without food for what seemed like days, and when Drew and Gabie came to rescue her and when she had to fight till the very end. Falling action In the falling action of this breath-taking book Kayla, Drew, and Gabie all end up safe and spend about a month being treated in a hospital for the wounds given while saving Kayla. Throughout this scary process that Kayla, Drew and Gabie have gone through, has turned these three separate individuals into very good friends. Climax The climax of this miraculous book is 100% unforgettable. During the climax, Drew was delivering a pizza when a car smashed into the back of Gabie's Mini Cooper, that Drew was borrowing. And when the man stepped out of his vehicle and was approaching the Mini Cooper, Drew recognized the man's voice. It was the same voice that Drew heard on the call that Kayla delivered and didn't come back from. From there Drew followed his car and it lead him somewhere that would change everything. When Drew arrives at this strange place where Gabie meets him, they quietly brake into the house and call the police. While inside the house the head into the basement where they see Kayla, and fight their hardest to help her get out. Resolution At the end of this book where all ends well, Drew and Gabie are awarded for their heroic actions, because of there life-saving rescue to Kayla Cutler. The rescue of Kayla is not only the solution to this book but also brings forth and amazing friendship that will be cherished forever. I believe the theme of my book is "CRIME DOES NOT PAY" because in this book the criminal who stole Kayla was caught, and honesty was needed in order for Drew and Gabie to find Kayla. Also in the book when Drew and Kayla were giving information to Officer Thayer they needed to be honest about what they heard and saw.
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