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Tom Braint

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Sailing

Sailing is enjoyable for everyone.
From elders to youngsters.
With little experience and qualifications required. All you need to do is... ENJOY YOURSELF Sailing Laser Picos are one of the best boats
to start with because they are a
relatively easy boast to control
although can easily capsile
in heavy winds. They can also
hold 2 people to help the
boat balanced in heavy winds Laser Pico Types of Boats Toppers are relatively easy to control but well is a different question. Toppers are extremely easy to capsize because the are very light. To ride a topper with speed and control, you need practice with it and takes time to master. Topper The Laser 2000 is most commonly known as just 'a Laser.' The laser is equally as easy to capsize like the topper bcause of it's small weight. The boat is actually very similar to the topper with just a bigger base, sail and it can hold two people in the helm Laser 2000 The coypu is one of the biggest sailing dinghies and is one of the first boats most people will sailing at RYA sailing courses. the coypu is an easy boat to control and extremely hard to capsize. Although easier to ride, the coypu is harder to rig because there's more equipment than Toppers, Picos and Lasers and it also has a jib (sailing located at the front of the boat) Coypu Fünboats are easy boat learn although steering sometimes gets difficult because the rudder gets stiff and stuck easily. The Fünboats are also quite difficult to capsize and its extremely hard to hit your head on the boom because the boom's high even without putting reefs in the sail. Fünboat Rules Of the Road There are five main rules of the road in sailing. They are:
5.ACAAC (Avoid Collisions At All Costs) Power The rule of power basically means that power boats have to get out of the way of sailing except for 3 exceptions:
1.If the engine of the power boat is orff
2.The power boat is towing other boats
3.If you find yourself face to an oil tanker (they take 10 times as long to move than sailing boats Windward The rule windward ias when the wind is coming from (for example) the north, and two boats are sail close reached, the boat closest to the wind is forced to move out of the way because the other boat has no wind because you have taken it. They have to shout "WINDWARD!!!" Starboard The starboard rule means that (for exmaple) the wind is coming from the north and two boats are sailing towards eachother on a beam reach. 1 boat will have the wind coming from port and the other from starboard. Because it'll take longer for starboard to move, port must give way. the starboard boat shouts "STARBOARD!!!" Overtaking The overtaking rule is when 1 boat is trying to overtake another boat. When the boat is trying to overtake the other, it has to go round the long way and stay clear of the other boat so that the other boat doesn't have to get out of the other boat's way because it has right of way. ACAAC ( Avoid Collisions At All Costs) The avoid collisions at all costs rule is really what it says on the tin. Don't crash because it may damage boats and injure others The 5 essentials The 5 essentials of sailing are:
2.Dagger board
3.Sail Settings
5.Course Made Good Dagger board The Dagger Board is essential for sailing because without it the boat would drift sideways, and not the way you want to go. It also has to be moved up or down depending on the sail Trim The trim essential is keeping the boat from tipping forwards or backwards by staying in the middle of the boat Sail Settings Sail settings are used to sail as fast as possible. The diagram
shows what points
of sails should be
used with where the
wind is coming from Balance The balance essential is to help to stop to boat from
tipping easier
and to get
the boat
going faster Course Made Good Course made good consists of going up wind, but in the quickest, easiest way possible. But, when you try to sail upwind, the wind will bring you backwards. So therefore you have to tack your way to the place you are meant to be getting to.This is basically getting from point A to point B in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Turning In sailing there are 2 main ways of turning:
2.Jibing Capsizing Capsize is the term used when a Sailboat is tilted at a 90º angle or turned over in the water. It has something to do with the movement of the crew weight or excess weight concentrated on the wrong side of the boat. It can also be due to too much power in the Sail. When capsized, you have to swim around the boat and climb on the daggerboard to get the boat back straight on the water. Parts of a dinghy By Tom Braint Laser Bahia Laser Bahias are 2 men boats which require a lot of agility and good core strenght. The Bahia is a dinghy that requires a jib or a spinnaker. Jibs and spinnakers and smaller sails that are placed on the front of the boat to give it extra speed using streamline. The Bahia is a boat that is very light and can easily capize and you HAVE to know how to dry capsize otherwise it'll take longer to get out of the water (by the way, when i say longer, i mean 3 times as long and tipping a topper back up!!) Comet Comets are dinghies that are made of fibre glas, can believe or not, they are one the easiest boats to break and hardes to capsize. Unlike other boats, the Comet is so much more harder to capsize more than Toppers or Laser 2000s because it has their main sheet from the back of the boat, not the front. Comets have a hull of a mix between a Pico and a Laser, but (as I've said) harder to capsize than them. Another great feature of the Comet is that it's an extremely fast racing boat when you get the hang of it and can even beat some racing olympic boats.
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