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My Life

No description

Bryn Garick

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of My Life

My Life
Mom's Side
This is my family on my Mom's side.
My family is made up of my two sisters, and my parents. My dad's parents live in New Jersey and every Summer my sisters, Sydney and Piper and I go up to visit them. On the other hand, my Mom's parents live in Vero Beach, we visit them every so often. My Mom's sisters lives in St. Augustine and we see them every so often. My Mom's cousins live far away from us, but when we do see them it is loads of fun. My sister's and I are fairly close. I would say I am closer to Piper though because Piper and I are closer in age so we played together when we were younger.
7 to the Present
I don't remember a lot from when I was 7, I have memories in my brain, but I don't remember all of them. A good memory I have from when I think I was 7 was I went to Chucky Cheese's for my birthday and I really wanted to go in the helicopter thing, but there were mean guys in there that wouldn't let me and my sister's in. So Sydney put her hair in a baseball cap and walked in there pretending to be a guy. Then she took the hat off and the guys ran out of there. I'm not really sure why I remember that. When I was 8 I met my best friend, Kate. We are extremely close. That same year though I lost my great grandfather Pops. I loved him so much and that was really hard.

More 7 to Present
When I was 9 I began writing and I really liked Littlest Pet Shop. That sounds strange, but I have a collection of 435 Littlest Pet Shop. Strangely enough I don't remember a lot from when I was 10. I remember I completed my first National Novel Writing Month with 2717 words, but other than that I don't remember much. When I turned 12 my life became a lot calmer. I grew closer to Kate and I didn't care what people said about me.
Continued 2
This past Summer I wrote 50007 words in a novel and got contacts. That's pretty much all I did this Summer. I am going on Pointe in dance and I am very excited. At the moment I am just enjoying my life.
Lots of important things have happened in my life. I've had twelve birthdays, straight A's, finished three National Novel Writing Months, gone on Pointe, got my hand stuck in a wipe container, but out of all those things a few ring clear in my mind. My third birthday for instance I remember parts of it better then I remember when I was ten. I remember playing doggy where's your bone and going around the circle. When I was in the fourth grade I remember sitting outside my class room and just day dreaming. I remember getting contacts. I remember ending my longest book. Those were all good memories, but this is my favorite.
Table of Contents
Stuff About Me..................................................................... 3
7 to the Present.....................................................................9
Who I Am.....................................................................................15
Things I Like..............................................................................17
My Feelings...............................................................................19
The Way the World Sees Me.............................21
Where I'll Be...............................................................................23

Best Memory
I would have to say my favorite memory would have to be when I got my Pointe shoes. I had been waiting forever it felt like. When I finally arrived at Dance Unique I jumped out of the car and raced inside. I sat down on the bench and the guy in charge explained to me a lot about the Pointe shoes. I tried on the spacers and the sock thing that goes over your foot. The guy got all the brands of Pointe shoes. I tried on every brand there was. Some hurt my feet, but others were better. Every pair I tried on I would walk over to the bar and go on Pointe, It wasn't until I had tried on the Russian ones the I knew I had found the best ones.
Worst Memory
I love remembering good things, but I have bad memories too. The worst memory I have is from when I was in the fourth grade. I was in Language Arts and the the teacher was walking around checking our papers. I had just sharpened my pencil and when the teacher walked by she bumped into my hand that was holding my pencil. The pencil went into my hand. I was scared of my teacher and so instead of walking over to her I raised my good hand. Eventually a girl in my class walked over to the teacher and told her what happened. I went to the clinic, but I still have the scar on my hand.
I was born January 25th, 2001.
I began to use baby signs.
I began to talk (not sure what my first word was.)
I began to walk. (I was 11 months old.)
I turned One! (That's me on the side.)
I had my third birthday party (my first memory, we played doggy where's your bone.)
I started Preschool (I had Ms. Sandy.)
I had my first haircut, it was only a trim.
I moved to PreK. My teacher was Ms. Burns.
My hamster died on bring your pet to school day. (His full name was Finding Nemo.)
I ran into a table and scarred my lip
I started Kindergarten. (my teacher was Ms. Immings.)
I started playing Piano. (I quit last year.)
I got a dog, Charley. (He's now nine.)
I started dance (I'm still dancing.)
Who I Am
So my full name is Bryn Rio Garick. I have extremely bad eye sight and very thick hair. My hair and eyes are brown, If you look closely I have a scar on my lip from running into a table when I was younger. I have another scar on my hand from falling over while walking my dog, and I also have a scar from my pencil. A habit I have is I laugh about random things. I guess a bad habit I have is I bite my nails when I get nervous. A hobby I have is dance, I've been dancing for six years. I used to play piano, but with dance and school it became too much so I had to quit. I like writing. Something that not a lot of people know is I am a big sweet tooth. Literally, I love sweets, but I get them all over me in case you couldn't tell.
More About Me
I am lazy and I like sleep. I belong to Tutu's on Broadway and JHMS Winter Guard. In the last year I changed because I am more of myself. I really like music, there is always music playing in my room. I like slowish songs, but I also like upbeat songs. I talk to myself a lot. I am in my room, talking to myself. I haven't really won any awards considering I don't compete in dance, but I don't care I still love dancing. I am a crazy girl, but when you meet me I come off as shy sometimes. That's who I am.
Things I Like
These are some of the things that I like. I like dance. My favorite type of dance is Lyrical which is where you show a lot of emotion in your dancing. It's my favorite because you don't have to be all proper in your technique and you can really just let go of everything and focus on being yourself. I like the TV show So You Think You Can Dance. I have been watching since Season 4 and I love it. One of my dreams is to audition for that show, but I'm not sure if I will or not. Another thing I like is NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. Pretty much you write a novel in the month of November. The adult one is you write 50000 words in a month, but the child's one (which is the one I do) is you set your own goal and complete it. One last thing I like is Sprinkles. Sprinkles are my favorite food, no joke. I prefer the Dinosaur Sprinkles, but rainbow sprinkles are good too.
So like everyone I have dislikes. Here are a few. I dislike cleaning. I am fine with doing a couple chores, but when someone is coming over it is like my family goes into clean mode and we clean for the entire day. That is my least favorite thing. Another dislike I have is the beach. A lot of people say that they'd love to spend a day at the beach, but I wouldn't. I don't like the beach because I always get sunburned, I also don't like getting all sandy and then riding home in your wet bathing suit. Another dislike I have is when people try to force their beliefs on you. I understand we all have different opinions, but if you try to force your belief on me I won't listen or care for that matter.
My Feelings
So I have a lot of feelings about things. One is that I feel that no one should be bullied for any reason. Another is that I feel that Music isn't something you do it's who you are. One feeling is when someone says the word Retard. I hate that word. I have a very good friend that has a sister who has a disability and it is not okay to say that word. People use that word meaning stupid or dumb. I never use that word because it is not okay and it can really hurt someone. Another strong belief/feeling I have is Gay Marriage. I believe you should be able to love whoever you want without people being mean to you. That is something that I believe strongly in and I always will.
More Feelings!
I believe in no being yourself and not really caring what people say about you. I think that the moment you let someone know that you care what they are saying is the moment that they can manipulate your feeling and make you feel bad about yourself. Just smile. Another thing I believe in is speak out. If you see something that's not supposed to be happening you need to tell someone. I have made the mistake of not telling anyone so many times and every time I regret that. So you need to speak out. Those are some of the things I feel strongly about.
The Way the World Sees Me
When I think about myself through someone's eyes I'm not really sure how they see me. I could say that I think they see me as a creative girl that is weird, but that may not be the case. I assume that people see me as that, but then again I may be totally off. I'm often told by my friend at dance that I'm sassy. A lot of my other friends tell me I'm weird. My family members say that I am random and no one ever knows what I am talking about, but I'm not sure that's true. The way I see myself is a crazy girl. I think around different people I am different things.
Who I Am Around Different People
For instance, around my friends at dance I'm really weird. I like being loud and being myself, but at the same time I am focused and ready to learn. Around my best friends I'm giggly and cannot stop laughing. Around my other friends I say weird things, but not as weird or as strange as I usually am. Then when I am around my family, I go insane. I say random things that don't even make sense, and I am probably extremely annoying. All in all, I think that people see me as a weird girl, that likes having fun and that's all I really am.
Where I'll Be
In ten years I'm not sure where I'll be. None of us are sure of where we'll be. We could be the Governor of Florida or we could be a waiter. But if at the moment I was given the choice to decide exactly what I would be doing in ten years time. This is what I would choose. I would want to be graduating from college soon if not already graduated. I want to have or be majoring in journalism or dance. Another I dream of is writing novels and becoming an author. I'd want to be close with my family still and for my sisters to be doing what they like doing. If I skip forward a couple years I want to be living in New York being an author.
My Ambitions
I want to remain friends with people that I am friends with now. Some time in my life I dream of going to London, or Paris. I know some of my dreams are big, but as one of my favorite quote says, "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."
Stuff About Me
I guess you could say I was an interesting person from the time that I was born. I was born on January 25th, 2001, but my favorite thing about that day is that I was born at 1:25 pm. Meaning I was born on my birthday time. Isn't that cool? I was born at Florida Hospital into my family of 5 (including me.) Shortly after I was born my mother got very sick so I had to stay at the house with my dad, since my sisters had gone to my grandparents and my mother was in the hospital I wasn't named after anyone my parents just liked the way my name sounded, Bryn Rio Garick. Fun fact, there's this book called Owl Babies. Its a children's book, but it was my sister, Sydney's favorite book. My mom used to read it to her all the time. When I was about 2 years old, my mom realized she had named us, as in my sisters and I after the Owl Babies. There names were Sarah, Percy, and Bill. Our names were Sydney, Piper and Bryn.
More Stuff About Me
When I was born I was 7 pounds 6 ounces, and 22 inches long. I was born on my father's parents anniversary. It's a special date in our family. Before I was born my dad called my Uncle Andrew and asked him what the lyrics were to the song Rio by Duran Duran because that's my middle name and they didn't want me to be named after anything bad. If I were to translate my name into what it means my name would be Border River. Isn't that a cool name? My name was almost going to be Sage Horizon, but my parents decided on Bryn, When I was younger I had this pair of boots that I never wanted to take off. I even wanted to sleep in them. Because of this my dad gave me the nickname Bootsie.
Dad's Side
These are my cousins and Grandparents on my Dad's side of the family.
One Last Thing
This is my motto, my favorite quote, and my mission statement all in one sentence.
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