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Web 2.0 Educational Tools

No description

Zelalem Hailu

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Web 2.0 Educational Tools

Web 2.0 Educational Tools
Web 2.0 Tools for Education
- Introduction
- Advantages
- Challenges
- Short List


Web 2.0 tools are finding wide spread
use in classrooms around the world.
- mostly free
- no software installation
- accessible from any where
- foster collaboration,
and information sharing
- overwhelmingly many tools
- many tools with same functions
- upgrade requirements
- dependent on internet access
Short List
For the educator, it pays to
keep a short list of tools whose functionality is responsive to the contextual learning outcome
Web 2.0 is online applications that you can change/modify and or save information on the World Wide Web.
A smart student response system that
empowers teachers to engage their
classrooms through a series of
educational exercises and games
via smart phones, laptops, and tablets.
Twiddla is an online collaboration tool
with a whiteboard layer on a web page
that users can nteract with at the same
time and in real time, with people from
all over the world.
Padlet allows users to post their
thoughts on a common topic using
electronic sticky notes on a shared
digital wall. The sticky note can
incorporate an image , audio or video
using the appropriate URL.

The following are some benefits of Padlet

collaborative conversation
brainstorm an idea
interactive surve
Mind42 is a browser-based mind mapping application which allows private, public or group shared maps to be created. Nodes are automatically arranged in space, but each node can be enriched with colors, icons, links to websites, notes and so on. Collaboration is easily arranged, using email addresses to invited viewers or participants.

Poll Everywhere is a text message polling
and audience response system. It is simple
enough for teachers to use and flexible
enough for a wide range of scenarios to
interact with students and collect data.

Poll Everywhere
Quizlet is an online flashcard creation tool
that not only does the creation of “traditional” but it can also generate tests and learning activities using the user’s list of terms. Quizlet’s built-in translator and dictionary make it especially useful for the study of foreign languages and vocabulary, and its symbols and accent feature makes it equally useful for courses in math, logic, statistics, and chemistry.

Google Drive
Google Drive enables up to 50 editors
to collaborate on a single document
at the same time, eliminating the back
and forth with email. 

Screencast-o-matic is a Java-based web application used to create screencasts on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.  Specific benefits of using Screencast-o-matic over other free screen recorders are the highlighted cursor and click indicators, ease of use, the ability to add captions easily, the ability for creators to add notes and for viewers to add comments, and the fact that there is no application to download.

VoiceThread is an Internet-based application
that allows users to create a shared presentation as a media album that visitors can comment on asynchronously either by text, voice, or video.
The presentation can include any form of digital media, including images, audio, video, and text.

You may find some youtube videos which are interesting. But, they may be too lengthy for your purpose. They may also contain an advertisement at the beginning or end which may not be of interest for your audience. TubeChop allows you to easily chop an interesting section from any YouTube video and share it.

Prezi is a Web 2.0 tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. The product employs a Zooming User Interface (ZUI), which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media, and allows users to display and navigate through information. Students create "zooming" presentations for various purposes, such as presenting research, defending an opinion, or sharing a digital story.

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