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Mobile Marketing & Understanding Aps

Mobile computing and applications are at the forefront of the ever-changing digital world. Small business owners who are serious about their future must consider these tools in order to succeed. A basic understanding of these systems is essential.

Patrick Ripley

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Mobile Marketing & Understanding Aps

Charting a Path for the Future of Small Business
Mobile Marketing and Understanding Aps
Presenter: Vermont Small Business Development Center Statewide Broadband Business Advisor Patrick Ripley
VtSBDC Broadband Business Advisor Patrick Ripley
Patrick spent many years writing, editing and managing various traditional media outlets before following industry trends and turning his focus to modern media in the mid 2000s. Since then, he has written, edited and managed thousands of pieces of online content and oversaw the development, creation, design and management of multiple websites and social media campaigns, among other things. Most recently, Patrick oversaw digital strategies for two Hearst Television stations that showed pageview growth in the millions during his time there. Patrick now advises business owners on digital strategies on behalf of the Vermont Small Business Development Center.

This isn't science fiction
Numbers don't lie.
Strong data supports the argument for mobile and the physical world around us is already responding.
Smartphone usage doubled
Smartphones represented roughly 13% of total hand-held devices in use.
Those smartphones generated more than 78% of total mobile traffic
3 million tablet devices were connected
Those tablets generated 5 times the average smartphone traffic

In 2010:
Source: Shepherd Communications Group LLC.
Global mobile traffic more than doubled for the fourth year in a row.
Nearly 42 percent of all U.S. subscribers use smartphones.
The number of mobile connected tablets rose to 34 million
Each tablet generated almost three and a half times more traffic than the average smartphone.

By 2011:
Sources: www.Cisco.com, www.comscore.com
Mobile internet users will reached 113.9 million in 2012, up 17.1% from 97.3 million in 2011
Smartphone users reached 106.7 million in 2012, up 18.4% from 2011
Tablet users reached 54.8 million in 2012, up 62.8% from 33.7 million in 2011
Mobile shoppers reached 72.8 million in 2012
Mobile buyers reached 37.5 million in 2012
Smartphone shoppers reached 68.6 million in 2012
Smartphone buyers reached 36.4 million in 2012
In 2012 Data Trends Show That:
Source: http://www.emarketer.com
Expectations are High:
83 percent of mobile users expect pages to load on a tablet in less than 4 seconds
Only 24 percent of tablet users say they would try again if a function or transaction encountered a problem.

I want it and I want it now!!!
Source: Compuware Corp.
So how do I connect with these heroes?
Lets get started!
According to the Mobile Marketing Association, Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.
What is Mobile Marketing?
Mobile Marketing is NOT:
Self sustaining (Must be married to e-mail, social media, overall online presence, etc.)
A chance to bombard users with unwanted advances
Something that can be ignored (Be there and commit or risk your future)
According to a recent Nielson survey, 50.4% of US consumers have a smartphone, and of those people, 52% are using Android phones. Why does this matter?
Know Your Mobile Market
Are you packing?
What does the mobile landscape look like?
Raise your hand if you have a mobile phone on you right now
Keep your hand up if it is a smartphone
Keep your hand up if it is an Android
Raise your hand if it is an iPhone
Raise your hand if it is a Blackberry
Raise your hand if it is something else.
Emerging trends in digital marketing
Understanding how mobile marketing works
Why we need to get involved now
Mobile Marketing Toolkit (SMS messaging, Google Places, Aps, QR codes, Etc.)
First steps for small business
Q&A from audience if time allows

What We'll Talk About:
How do we use our devices?
Our Mission
And we use them a lot!
We love our Phones
There are about 316 million people in the US and more than 90 percent of them use mobile phones.
It is important to understand how users are interacting with their devices so you can leverage that data for content creation.
Users will respond if ...
Mobile marketing is a powerful tool!
Don't use market speak. No one wants to feel like they are being marketed to
Users do want relevant content that adds value or use to their lives
Increase conversions from current customers (Superusers!)
Help you grow your market and acquire new customers (pull marketing)
Allow for better communication/relationships with current customers
Assist in your overall marketing efforts and future
When done correctly, mobile marketing will:
Mobile Marketing is a combination of both
Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing
“If you have more money than brains you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” ~ Guy Kawasaki, author of Engage and Founder of Alltop
One thing remains the same
Outbound or Inbound Marketing
“Content is King!” ~ Bill Gates
Take immediate action
Mobile Marketing Toolkit
Mobile website (be sure your site is compatible with iphone, android, etc. Must make sense in mobile media)
Mobile e-mail (e-mail marketing efforts need to be viewable and make sense on all devices)
Local business listing on Google Places (20 percent of all search is place related)
Great secondary marketing tools
Mobile Marketing Toolkit
SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging
Solicit customer reviews and testimonials (fail faster and notice successes quicker)
Customers trust referrals from friends and family more than advertisments
Tertiary tools for creativity
Mobile Marketing Toolkit
Don't start here
Mobile Aps
QR Codes (2D Bar Codes)
You are likely already being found by mobile users
Mobilizing your online presence
Analytics provides device and overall usage data
Pay attention to overall mobile usage
Mobile users expect a mobile experience while using devices
Mobile Internet behavior is not the same as desktop
Devices also view sites differently
Users are not the only ones who view websites differently
Some mobile devices will not view flash and do not process video/image heavy sites quickly.

Your users may not be happy and lack patience for performance.
When mobile site is established this should occur
Desktop Search
Device Search
Domain Direct
Device Detection
Desktop Website
Mobile Website
User Decides
WWW.DOMINOS.COM gives me this on desktop
From mobile device I see this
Since device detection code is installed the mobile site is automatically delivered to mobile devices. Note that the URL does not appear on the device. Could also add a 'view full site' feature for anyone interested.
Multiple device access can be a factor
WARNING: Device detection does not always work
Be sure to include a click for a mobile site on your homepage, as well as a link to the full site on your mobile site to remedy any potential problems. Also an option if cost is a factor. Make it easy for the user to find the expected version.
Give them what they need while mobile and nothing more
Content requirements for Mobile Site
Address including ZIP code and map
Phone Number
Menu of Services
Describe what you do
Include the word 'Mobile' in text
How many of you
check e-mail
on mobile device?
Mobile E-mail
Ditch the HTML and complex graphics files
Less is more on mobile e-mail
Choices for mobile email:
Send text only messages.
Design your HTML email in “mobile first” format.
Create a mobile landing page that is your mobile email and link to it.
Establish listing on Google My Business
Last must do action item
Google hold more than 98 percent market share of global search
Be there www.google.com/business
Without Google Business Page you don't exist!
Be sure to include separate mobile website
Sign up for Google Places now at www.google.com/places
Google 'Offers' are another way to reach out
Google makes this happen
Customers also expect and offer reviews
May help with site SEO
Free and easy way to request reviews from customers while at business
SMS (Simple Message Service) is a great way to reach mobile users
Secondary mobile marketing efforts
SMS, also known as "texting" or "pinging" is the most used tool on a mobile phone besides calling, and it works on all phones.
Parts of an SMS Message
Text NEPD to 123456
Message and data rates may apply. You will recieve a text message immediately to confirm and one per week thereafter. You may stop receiving them or request help at anytime.
Short or long CODE
Opt-in Communication
Opt in and Opt out (STOP) must be included
Give full disclosure in advance
Terms and conditions must be available
"Message and Data Rates May Apply"
Frequency of messages is also a factor
Must adhere to best SMS practices
Complete best practices manual can be found at www.mmaglobal.com/bestpractices.pdf
Mobile Coupons (one-time or ongoing specials)
Alerts (important announcements, sales, etc.)
Mobile CLub/Subscription (regular messages similar to e-mail marketing)
Operational (Reminders -- holiday sale starts this weekend)
Types of SMS Campaigns
Sign up for various campaigns to learn additional techniques.
You can't rent or buy mobile phone lists
Getting their digits
Do NOT build a list of numbers and start SMS messaging
Only send messages that customers agreed to get
Steps to building SMS list
Create actionable SMS Campaign
Market it
Send SMS Messages
User participation builds your list

To keep sending to this list, stay within parameters of original agreement.

Pizza hut built 2,000 SMS list in 2 weeks by offering one free pizza. Campaign -> TV Ads -> list built.
Digital Magnetism
Successful SMS campaigns grab attention
Incentive to sign up (something free or discounted)
Contest for one lucky winner
Loyalty points
Something your customers want (data research)
All pre-existing marketing efforts should include SMS call to action
Integrated marketing efforts yield better results
Marketing Cards
Post Cards
Voice Mail
Radio Ads
Staff Encouragement
Yellow Pages
Print Advertising
TV Ads
Facebook / Twitter
You must hire an outside vendor to help manage your campaign
SMS marketing is not free
Ad-Supported (Ads are served on your messages)
Monthly fee and pay per message
Prices range from $15 a to the sky's the limit.
Examples: http://www.clickatell.com/, www.mozeo.com, etc.
QR Codes and Aps can be effective, but are not your first priority
Creative Mobile Marketing
Usage is lower
Aps serve specific purposes
Expensive to produce
Why not apps?
Reach & Cost Chart
Low Cost
High Cost
Mobile Web
Local Biz Listing
QR Codes
QR Code -- How it works:
Business creates a QR code online.
Places the QR code in marketing materials.
Consumer scans the code with their phone.
Must have scanning software already installed
If not, first have to go download a code reader app – that matches the kind of code they are seeing
Something happens
What happens?
Opens mobile web browser to a specific site
(MUST be a mobile site!)
Sends a text message to the phone
Shows a message inside the reader software
Places a phone call
Starts a mobile video
Why not QR Codes?
In order for a QR Code to be useful, an entire mobile marketing campaign must be built first.
Only work on smartphones
Build Google Places listing (mobile coupon)
Mobilize website
Ensure email is mobile friendly
Get started with text messaging
Solicit customer reviews
Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses:
First Suggested Steps
Thanks for sticking around!
1 of 3 mobile searches are local
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