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No description

Lizi Cunningham

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Psychology

Lizi Cunningham Is there a correlation between Music and Personality? Hypothesis Psychology and Personality Psychology and Music The Survey Summary I think that there is a correlation between your personality and the music you mainly listen to. Personality- the patterns of feelings, motives, and behaviors that set people apart from one another. Music affects mainly your temporal lobe in your brain, which deals with your auditory senses. In this survey, I asked people to describe the type of personality they thought would best correspond with the music genre they were given. I think my hypothesis wasn't fully proved, but a lot of the results were close when you compared them to the results from the other studies. There are a lot of theories about you and your personality:
1. Trait Approach
3.Life Span Theory
4. Learning Approach
5.Sociocultural Theory I based the chose genres off of the main genres used in the research I found on Music and Personality. They then also commented if they would befriend a person who listens to that music, and could add on a musician or band they felt fit the genre. Suvery Results Classical: Blues: Rap: Country and Western: Indie: Jazz: Reggae: Opera: Soul: Chart Pop: Dance: Bollywood: Rock/Heavy Metal: Comparison Blues: Classical: Indie: Country and Western: Rap: Jazz: Reggae: Opera: Soul: Chart Pop: Dance: Bollywood: Rock/Heavy Metal: Learning Approach Life Span Theory Psychoanalysis Trait Approach Sociocultural Theory High self-esteem, creative, outgoing, gentle and at ease High self-esteem, creative, outgoing, and at ease Personality is based on your traits, which are stable and predictable 1. Allport-Central trait and Secondary trait 2. Eysenck- Unstable, Stable, Introverted, Extraverted 3. Big-Five Model- Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Openness, Extraversion 4. Cattell- Reciprocal determinism Frued- Id, Ego, Superego - Defense Mechanisms - Psychosexual Stages Neo-Freudians Adler- Inferiority Complex Horney- Masculine bias Jung- Collective Unconcious, Archetypes, and Individuation Erikson theorized that you develop a personality in 8 psychosocial stages 1. Trust vs Mistrust
2.Autonomy vs Shame
3. Initiative vs Guilt
4. Industry vs Inferiority
5. Identity vs Role Confusion
6. Intimacy vs Isolation
7. Generativity vs Stagnation
8. Integrity vs Despair Behaviorism- influences shape personality Socialization- Do what society says is right Bandura and Social Learning Theory- learn through observing others behaviors, attitudes, and outcomes Humanistic- You strive to fulfill your unqiue potential Growth Theory- Self-actualization Self Theory- Real Self vs Ideal Self, Positive Regard, and Congruence Individualist (Me)- Personal goals over the goals of a collective group Collectivist (Us)- Collective group goals over your own personal goals Acculturation- Assimilation, Separation, and Bicultural Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D Music travels through in sound waves that goes through the middle ear to the ear drum. The ear drum then sends it through the inner ear to the Auditory Nerve whic transmits the sound to your brain. Males: Chill, Relaxed, Cool Females: Chill, Relaxed, and Sad Males: Cool, Chill, Relaxed, and Creative Females: Happy, Chill, and Artistic Males: Chill, Lazy, and High Females: Calm, Funny, and Stoner Males: Smart, Reserved, and Arrogant Females: Smart, Boring, and Sophisticated Males: Weird, Old, and Boring Females: Old, Wealthy, and Boring Males: Old, Cool, and Weird Females: Weird, Chill, and Deep Males: Popular, Jerky, and Annoying Females: Conformed, Outgoing, and Funny #1 Answer: Bob Marley High self-esteem, creative, lazy,outgoing, gentle and at ease High self-esteem, creative, introvert, and at ease High self-esteem, creative, and gentle High self-esteem, creative, outgoing, gentle and at ease High self-esteem, and outgoing High self-esteem, not creative, hardworking, outgoing, gentle and not at ease Creative, outgoing, and not gentle Hardworking and outgoing Creative and outgoing Low self-esteem, creative, not hard working, and not gentle Low self-esteem, creative, not hard working, not outgoing, gentle and at ease Males: Loud, Angry, and Swagged out Females: Gangster, Loud and Ghetto Males: Annoying, Hyper and Fun Females: Happy, Hyper and Creative Males: Stupid and Hick Females: Chill, Religious, Sad Males: Indian, Weird, Enthusiatic Females: Quiet, Nice, and Indian Males: Awesome, Hipster, Cool Females: Hipster, Calm, and Awesome Males: Intense, Aggressive, and Fun Females: Scary, Fun and Loud What I could have done better: ~Consent forms ~More detailed study Other Studys One study done in England
~ had about 36,000 participants
~Participants listened to different songs
~Basis for same studies done all over the world ~Made an easier survey Why Care? If we can find a direct correlation between music and personality we might be able to use it as therapy for people who have emotional problems or who are depressed.
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