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Solar radiation

No description

alexa owens

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Solar radiation

Solar radiation
By: Izzy Berutti and Alexa Owens
When temperature goes up, solar activity goes down
The heat went up fast from 1820-2000
Solar activity was increasing but, now decreasing
Observations on Data
Why did the temperature suddenly go up in 1980?
Why wouldn't the soar activity go up with the temperature?
When the temperature goes down, why does solar activity go up?
Questions on Data
Solar Activity
The sun goes through roughly, an eleven year cycle of activity, from storm to quiet and back again
Solar activity occurs near sun spots, (dark regions on the sun caused by consentrated magnetic fields)
Eleven year cycle
Sunspots, Flares, and other solar activity that occurs in an eleven year cycle.
When there are more sun spots there is more solar radiation
Human activity is a cause of global warming
Globlal warming is causing higher levels of greenhouse gasses to be released into the atmosphere
These greenhouse gasses reobsorb heat reflected from the earth and trap in the atmosphere which causes the earth to warm up
Greenhouse gases impacts


We use the solar radiation chart on the colored page to help us with our research
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